Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 06/19/99


Mountain View, California

June 19, 1999

Shoreline Amphitheater

[Rinji Kamihata], [Randy Hayes]

Review by Rinji Kamihata

    It was really cold and chilly. I didnıt bring any warm clothes and I 
thought Mountain View is warm place as my place(Fresno). Paul Simon was
great opening for Bob Dylan. Paul came with great songs -"Graceland", "You
Can Call Me Al", "Cool Cool River" etc..... I really liked it even I knew
only few Paulıs song. Very last, Paul sang "Still Crazy After All These
years" (Nice song for last) then  Paul Simon introduced Bob Dylan with "The
Sound of Silence"
1. The Sound Of Silence (Paul Simonıs set 1~3)
 I was so happy. Can you imagine? Bob and Paul were at the same place and
same time. The duet was ok but  Bob played nice harmonica solo with "The
Sound Of Silence".
2. I Walk The Line/Blue Moon Of Kentucky
 Well done old songs medley. Up beat with Bob and Paul were great singing.
3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
 Reggae version of Knockin On Heavenıs Door. Nice ending for Paulıs set.

1. Hallelujah, I'm Ready To Go (acoustic)
  I was so glad that Bob chose this up beat song for his opening. I don't
think the song isnıt written by Bob Dylan but I really enjoyed that Bob
chose this gospel song. He was singing like- "~~Hallelujah ~~Hallelujah~~Iım
ready to go~~"  Yes!! Bob!! We are ready to go!!

2. Mr. Tambourine Man
 Nice choice, at very last, Bob played harmonica solo
3. Masters Of War
 Well...this is my second time to hear Master Of War. The song was a little
bit faster version than May 21, 1998  UCLA version. This song is still
meaningful for our life and many ³Master of war² are still out there. 
4. One Too Many Mornings,
 One too mamy evenings, I want to go to Bobıs concert. Donıt you think?
5. Tangled Up In Blue (with Harp)
 I saw Bobıs this concert with my friend. He is not crazy about Bob Dylan.
He is a big fan of Paul Simon but He knew this song and he really liked it.
I was dancing while Bob played this song.
6. All Along The Watchtower
 Rocks!!  Yes!  I was waiting for this song for long time.
7. Just Like A Woman
 May be Iım lucky, may be Iım not. This is my third times to hear "Just Like
A Women". I really wanted to hear unpopular song like "Ring Them Bells",
"When He Returns" ( I know, I know....he wonıt play this song. Iım just
saying.....hehe..) or etc..... I really like this song and I enjoyed it know...this is my 3 times to hear this song...oh...well....
8.  Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
 I really donıt know about this song. My friend, he could,ıt understand what
Bob was singing about..... Do you think Bob Dylan speaks bad English?  I
think Bob Dylan has great voice.
9. Not Dark Yet
 I believe this is first highlight of this concert. To me, this is much much
better than Time Out Of Mind version. I just closed my eyes and listened
this song. It was really great moment for me and other audience. I saw the
good chemistry between Bob and his band. It was dark and cold but still
beautiful night for me.
10. Highway 61 Revisited
 "~~~Highway~~~~~sixtyyyyy~~~~~~~~~one~~"  Yeah...He is still great Rock and
Roll singer!! He is not old yet!!  (I know he looks old.)


11. Love Sick
 Bob Dylan didnıt play this song on June 18th/99 and  I was really worried
about Bob may not play this song for this concert but he did it!!  Yes!  Few
days ago, I listened "Love Sick" live version  from web site (
and I knew this song will be better than Time Out Of Mind version.   Yes, I
was happy but this is sad song.
12. Like A Rolling Stone
 Everybody knows this song and my friend also enjoyed this song but he was
complain about Bobıs singing style and his voice.
13. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic) (with harp)
 I think this is a best performance for this whole concert. I thought this
is last song for tonight but there was one more song. Bob, this is my
precious time and I think more than twice at this moment. Harp solo was
great and really touched me.
!4. Not Fade Away
 Thank you Bob. I was wishing for the concert wonıt end by this song. Bob!!
I need more..

 Iım planing to go to June, 22/99 Hollywood Bowl .  I hope I can buy a
Thanks!!  See  you.

Rinji Kamihata


Review by Randy Hayes

     Here are some of the highlights of last nights show at the Shoreline
Amphitheater.  I missed most of Paul set, he was just torture.  Dylan came
on for the duets wearing a gray Pokka-dot shirt, no tie, and his black
patented leather shoes.  During "Sounds Of Silence" Dylan went for his
harmonica to play his usual solo, he played a few notes and then realized
something was wrong with his harmonica, I guess a reed was broke.  Dylan
looked extremely disgusted by this but continued to play the solo anyway,
which sounded fine.  "Konckin on Heaven's Door" when done with Paul's Band
is done in a reggae fashion.  The duets with Dylan's band (last night in
Concord) sounded a hundred times better.

    Dylan came on for his main set wearing an all black embroidered suit, a
white satin shirt, a black tie, and black and white cowboy boots.
"Hallelujah I'm Ready" had Larry on Mandolin and it was good to here
something new.  "Mr. Tambourine Man" included a nice harmonica break at the
end.  Next was "Masters of War" which doesn't change much night to night but
is still great, just a little stale.  Dylan leaned over to Tony and being
very close to the stage I read Dylan's lips, he said "One Too Many
Mornings".  It was a very good version, and include this word change: "I
gaze back to the ROOM the sidewalk......"

    "Tangled" was not just another average version.  Dylan couldn't control
himself, entering the last verse with amazing vocal high notes.  Then he
took his guitar off, grabbed a harp and went into another extended solo.
"All Along The Watchtower" didn't change much from the nights before, still
very good.  I remember "Just Like A Woman" being a way above average
version, the best I've heard in a long while.  "Stuck Inside a Mobile" has
generally been great every night in the Bay Area.  Larry really shines on
this song, taking all the guitar leads.  "Not Dark Yet" was just too much to
handle.  The way Dylan emphasized the word "Pain" could have been the
highlight. I have never seem anyone ever get into one word as Dylan did with
"Pain" during Not Dark Yet",  he looked like he was about to cry.  The
Sacramento "NDY" was probably a superior version none the less.

    After "Not Dark Yet", Dylan's road crew informed the ushers in front of
the stage to move and allow a stage rush(they have done this every night in
the bay area, so watch out for it later on the tour, it is planned this way)
Of course knowing this, I lead the rush and ended up being closer to Dylan
than anyone else.

    During "Highway 61" and though the encores Dylan really started hamming
it up.  I have never seen him so animated in all the tons of videos and
concerts I have been to.  He was winking, pointing, shaking his head(all
semi standard) but what surprised me was the laughing.  he always smiles
alot, but Jesus-He was uncontrollably laughing out loud.  He was going mad!
I love being close to Dylan when he is performing because you can get him
going.  When you yell at just the right times and dance along with him, it
just makes him go crazy, my brother, girlfriend and I where doing this and
where rewarded with 90% of the points, winks, and all the laughs.

    The highlight came when during "Love Sick", Dylan played this guitar
lick after a line.  It was an amazing lick, my brother, girlfriend and I
recognized the lick as being genius, so we gave him furious cheers
immediately following the lick.  Dylan look up laughed and then continued to
play the lick for us throughout the song.  If we had not been there the song
would have come off a lot different.

    During "Rolling Stone" Dylan's eyebrows raised with every single line,
usually he raises then a few times a song, but this time it was every line.
As I said earlier, he was out of control.

    "Don't Think Twice" had a guitarless Dylan on Harp, he gave everyone a
point with his free had at the end of the solo.

    "Not Fade Away" is the perfect closer.  It included the most vamped up

    I have read reports of Bob not dancing around that much during this
tour, well last night that was NOT the case.

    Randy Hayes


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