Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 04/23/99


Marseille, France

April 23, 1999

Le Dome

[Tim Tranbarger], [Antonio Terni]

Review by Tim Tranbarger

The show started about a half hour late, probably because of the slow 
system of seating people in the auditorium.  We waited with classical 
music playing, insense burning and a group in the audience singing a 
sort of drunken version of "The Times are a Changin'".    There were 
still large lines of people waiting to be seated as the lights dimmed 
and Bob and the band came out on the stage at about 8:55pm.  The band 
seemed to be mostly the same as when we saw Bob last year in Vancouver, 
but maybe the steal guitar/mandoline player was different.  They 
started out with the acoustic instruments and the set went like this:

1) Cocaine Blues with some harmony from the band, clearly a warmer 
upper but good 

2) Mr. Tambourine Man,  a very different version that took awhile to 

3) Masters of War, another changed version, timely with the bombs 
dropping on Yugoslavia 

4) Visions of Johanna, beautiful

5) It Ain't Me, Babe, with harmonica at the end

6) Tangled Up in Blue, an inspired version, amazing

7) Times are a Changin', yet another altered version, hard to recognize 
at the beginning, and again timely with the things happening in Europe 
right now

Switch to Electric instruments

8) Can't Wait, super funky, jamming, excellent

9) Just Like a Woman

10) Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again 

11) Not Dark Yet, gave me the shivers it was so good

12) Highway 61 Revisited, a hard rockin' version, lots of lead by 
Larry, everyone stomping their feet


a) Love Sick

b) Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, another rocker with lead guitar by Larry

c) Blowin' In the Wind (acoustic), with harmony from the whole band, 
great way to end the show!

Bob seemed in great spirits, lots of stage antics, grinning alot, 
dancing around, pointing his guitar at the crowd, even stuck his tongue 
out at least once.  Looked like he was really having fun.  He played a 
lot more lead than I remember from Vancouver, especially on the 
acoustic set.  The crowd seemed to love the show, definitely 
disappointed when he didn't come back for another encore.  The lights 
stayed down for a while and everyone was hopeful, but then the lights 
were on and another Bob Dylan concert was over.  Can't wait for the 
next one!


Review by Antonio Terni

Marseilles is not that far from Barcelona, but we spent three hours in a
fantastic restaurant near Qadaquès and so I had to drive like a mad to
arrive in time. But we got lost in the traffic in Marseilles and although
we asked a taxi to lead us to the Dome when we arrived the concert had just
began. We lost three quarters of Cocaine (the song, I mean!) and the
disappointment was mitigated only by remembering the fantastic lunch that
caused our beeing late.
Maybe I'm now influenced by what happened afterwards, but my impression was
that the audience was not really hot. You know, when Bob sings It ain't me
baby, usual the crowd joins him at the no,no, no tune, but this time it
didn't happen. Anyway I had my second VOJ in a week and this cancels
everything wrong thar may had happened in this tour. If you want to know my
feelings while VOJ, just read the Granada review and you'll understand me.
Just like a Woman was the only song I had not heard this year. It is one of
my favourite songs, I know each word of it and I even dare to play it on my
guitar while nobody is around, and so I have to say that I don't like the
way Bob sings it now.  The arrangement is new, Larry makes a big job on
guitar playing the original lick after ... like a little girl... but Bob
sings it in an almost  parodistic way. And this song is so sad and
desperate that you should never make a parody of it. It is like listening
to a joke about jews, I alway feel unconfortable having to laugh about
certain tragic things.
Anyway the concert run smoothly toward it's conclusion without  great
highlights and the psychodrama exploded with the encores. Having arrived
that late I was around the tenth row and I could not see very clearly, but
I'm sure that Bob came back to the stage and then he went away. Tony tried
to understand what was going on and  moved his arms as to say to the
audience that there were not going to be any encores, but after a few
seconds Bob came back and they started as usual with Love Sick, then Rainy
day Women, and then Blowin' and then nothing. No electric fourth song.
Somebody told me afterwards that Bob didn't apreciate the way the audience
asked for the encores. Too softly as if encores were something due. I
really don't know, but in fact my impression now is that the audience was
not as hot as in Spain or in other countries. Maybe there is not a great
feeling between Bob and his french fans. Or hopefully it was just a
So our tour was over and, as we obviously had no hotel, we decided to drive
back directly home: I left Sandro and Carlo at Piacenza's station around
five in the morning and arrived home around 8.30. That's a long day started
in Barcelona 24 hours before!    


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