New York, New York

Beacon Theatre

November 25, 2017

[Stephen Goldberg]

Review by Stephen Goldberg

Five must be my lucky number. My 5th show of the year and the 5th night at
the Beacon. Mavis was on fire and I finally got yo hear her fo The Wright.
Fantastic set from beginning to end. She truly is a national treasure. My
wifes comment? Id like to see Bobby top that! Well he gave the
best performance weve seen this Fall, though I preferred the Summer
shows better, mostly due to my lack of affection for some of the new
arrangements. Charlie had quit a few solos and George was exceptional as
always. Hat is it that Stu does? The Beacon staff was on the hunt for cell
phones and there was an angry confrontation in my section in the Loge. We
entered on Amsterdam Ave and encountered no lines or waiting. The women
next to me was no older than 30 and had a smile on her face throughout
Bobs set. I guess that says it all.


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