Clearwater, Florida

Richard B. Baumgardner Center for the Performing Arts
Ruth Eckerd Hall

November 19, 2016

[Ulf, Gunilla and Gunilla]

Review by Ulf, Gunilla and Gunilla from Sweden

After realizing that ticket and accommodation for visiting the Desert Trip
to see Bob perform there, was far over budget for my wife, my sister and
me, we had to cancel these plans. Instead we planned to go to L.A. and
then for to go to Florida. Our Florida trip was already set when I checked
the Dylan tour November scheldule, and happily discovered that Bob and his
band was to play Clearwater on the 19th...and at that date we had planned
to stay only about an hour from Ruth Eckerd hall. So we managed to get
tickets in advance. When Stones, McCartney, Young, the Who, Pink Floyd,
after the Desert Trip probably went back home for some rest, Bob (75)
embarked on an 30 city tour after having been rewarded the Nobel price in
literature. The concert was fulfilling more than our expectations. 10
points goes to Bob himself, a joy to see him really expressing happiness
in his performance, 10 points to the drummer George Recile amazing
drumming through Early Roman Kings and Pay in Blood and 10 points also to
Donnie Herron on the lap and pedal steel eye fixating and following every
little move Bob makes on the piano. About Bob travelling to Stockholm to
receive the Nobelprice: to quote Dylan himself: "What looks large from a
distance, close up ain't never that big." On the other hand to see Dylan
interviewed by the somewhat naiv swedish TV journalists at the banquet
could turn out to be seriuosly painful. This with last years catastrophic
interview in mind with Quicy Jones. So Bob after all, to stay out from it,
might be a good decision.

Ulf, Gunilla and Gunilla from Sweden


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