Boston, Massachusetts

Boston University
Agganis Arena

November 16, 2017

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Boston Vs. Washington.  Boston wins. Arriving on a rainy day. Chinatown
is near by. I left most of my belongings in Philly, going back there right
after the show. I found a Couchsurfing host but too far from the downtown
area to bother as I have a Megabus from Boston to Philly at 11.59 p.m. I
spend time in the public library, first of all to get dry, second to
figure out about the Beacon shows. I may have a CS host?! To go or not to
go? That is the question. Nahoko is in Boston also, at a Hostel and agree
to keep my bag in her place. Thanks a lot.  The reason is, though my bag
is small, it is still too big for the security. I catch a metro/train at 6
p.m. It is raining now. People are queuing to get in??? I am not the only
one looking for a free ticket. We are 4. No scalpers though. The woman is
the first one getting a free ticket. The 2 guys are friendly.  One of
them will get 3 free tickets, the other one 2. And he hands one to me.
Woha!  Thanks guy! And a really good seat; row I ,on the side of the
piano. I go in to get warm and dry. That was so easier that Washington! 
I am squeezed between people, a little bit too much, but I have a good
view on the stage. Some Fans are enthusiastic and refuse to seat. They
don't block my view so all is fine. My feet are wet and cold, so I will
make them dance (discreetly ) on the rythm of "Summer days" "Highway 61"
"The Roman kings" "Thunder on the mountain "....all the Rock songs. Bobby
is in Black and White,still. A bit obsessive/compulsive!  Or just in a
mood of B and W. Tonight the Boys match with white jackets. The venue is
full and the public respectful and warm. I see a lot young (students) in
front, dancing joyfully.  What a change from Washington! ! Too bad this
is all seating! Bob drinks a lot (a cold?) and look behind his back. But
no one is seating there. The rows of the far right and left on balcony had
been closed. He delivers all the songs with power. No more " September of
my years" but "Soon after midnight" and "Scarlet town" which I prefer,
beeing Dylan songs. I focus on Bobby's face. He looks tired and as pale as
a ghost. His walk is more and more "jumpy". Other than that he is slim,
even skinny. I wonder what his life is all about off stage and off his
Tour bus? Writing? Painting? I move rapidly out to join Nahoko, retrieve
my bag and run to the bus station.  Right on time for a night bus. I will
skip Albany and Buffalo shows.  


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