Columbia, South Carolina

Township Auditorium

November 10, 2016

[Brendan Loper]

Review by Brendan Loper

I first saw Bob in 2002 and have seen him around a dozen times since. Bob
came out with a howling Things Have Changed. Always great to hear. He wore
a hat, a gray suit, black shirt, silver bolo tie, and what appeared to be
some snazzy two-tone wing tips. Half the show he donned his hat, but it
was hats off when he was tickling the ivories. In these dark times, it was
good to see Bobby doing his thing and his Pay in Blood, Lonesome Day
Blues, High Water, and Scarlet Town paint a bleak landscape that is
seemingly getting more familiar. He sounds good, the band is tight.
Probably from playing the same songs every night. Stay With Me, Melancholy
Mood, and Autumn Leaves really resonated.

In Pay In Blood I heard him say, “Life is short and it don't last long/
they’ll hang you in the morning and sing you a song.”



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