Charlotte, North Carolina

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Belk Theater

November 6, 2016

[Kevin and Molly Brackett]

Review by Kevin and Molly Brackett

I took my 14-year-old daughter to see Dylan in Charlotte tonight. I have
seen him about a dozen times but tonight was her first. What follows is my
review and then she will add a few words from the perspective of a
14-year-old first timer.

This was the first Dylan show that I ever brought a pair of binoculars to.
I could clearly see the expressions on Bob's face as he played and sang.
Seeing how much he enjoyed performing enhanced my experience
proportionately. He was really getting into it tonight so I had a great
time too.

Don't Think Twice and Highwater were both outstanding!  Highwater in
particular was just raucous and perfectly delivered. It's All Over Now was
sung in a singsongy fashion that I wasn't expecting but ultimately

When he took center stage again to sing I Could Have Told You So I smiled
when he lay the microphone down at an angle like a 50's crooner, leaned
into it and let flow.  Like I said earlier, watching his face I could tell
he was enjoying himself.

Lovesick was solid and the crowd got fired up for Tangled which I
understand is too great to ever drop from the set list but that's all
right because it seems like he ad libs new verses every time I am hear him
sing it and tonight was no different.

The rhythm of Desolation was similar in feel to the It's All Over Now
version I mentioned earlier and this one I could not get past. In my
memory this song will always be identified as the closing song at Group
Therapy, a bar in Five Points off the campus of USC in Columbia. John, the
Greek fisherman capped bartender there was a big Dylan fan and when
Desolation Row hit the turntable you knew it was time to drink up.  The
song would end and the lights would go up.  It isn't supposed to be a
jovial song but that is how it sounded tonight.  The cheerfully rendered
rising and falling chord progressions delivered by Donnie were just out of
sync with both the lyrics and my memories of an evening out coming to an

Soon After Midnight was marred by a fight that broke out between two guys
on the back rows.  We were just close enough to be bothered by it but not
close enough to be in danger.  The staff hustled the parties out after a
few minutes and the show went on (as it must!).

I agree with my daughter, Autumn Leaves was a winner.  Soulfully

Thanks for a great show!

Molly here.  I really had a great time!  I loved Autumn Leaves the best
and Make You Feel My Love second best.  My dad said that Mr. Dylan would
not be offended if I said that I think Adele sings it better.  I hope not,
because she does! Dad also said that Adele would probably not be offended
if he thought that she would be lucky to ever write a song as beautiful as
that one so there is a point for him. I liked the way he moved when he was
singing a song he really enjoyed and I really liked  the way the set
changed behind them to match the songs they were playing.  It was done
very well.  I will never forget the night I got to see Bob Dylan live!


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