Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
Robert S. Whitney Hall

November 1, 2016

[Herbie Hancock]

Review by Herbie Hancock

A brief history.  I have done a review from May of 2013 ranking it as # 2
behind only the Feb. 1974 show with THE BAND.  After the show at Whitney
Hall on Nov 1 I back the 2013 back to # 3 and make this newest show # 2. 
There are numerous reasons for this including no warm up act,  longer
running time with more songs and Dylan's covers of some of the songs he
grew up with.  The only thing missing from the 2013 show is the fact that
he only played a little harmonica on " Tangled Up In Blue" but that is a
minor quibble.  It was certainly and enjoyable entertaining show.  It
needs to be said that Bobs touring band is fantastic.  I also enjoyed
Bob's stage moves and going back.. and forth from center stage to piano. 
The one song that is not on this current tour list is #Young At Heart". 
Even though it isn't Bob surely is.

Herbie Hancock (Again no not that one)


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