Huntsville, Alabama

Von Braun Center
Mark C. Smith Concert Hall

October 29, 2016

[Warren Duir]

Review by Warren Duir

The stage was set, the light went out all around the ole hotel...The Von
Braun Concert Hall curtain rose in its eight o'clock-on-the-money
exactness leaving the wine sippers standing aloof  and scurrying late
arrivals rippled in waves through the pulsing lobby. Acoustically well
designed for the local symphony of a rocket city, splendid is the house
and its walled stations, double balcony to sloping floor..comfortable and
pleasant, with a fatal flaw of having no place assigned for dancers and
being infested with growling dance-police hired to conform social behavior
to the genteel and acceptable..alas, but 'twas not defeated, dear
reader..graceful silver hair and sweet beaded glistening we danced...only
the lame could not dance and so they sat ..Regardless, we all were again
summoned to another poetically profound understanding of what it is that
we may experience on another day or nothing at all but excellent
entertainment, realized in laughs, cheers and welcomed respite from the
wild-eyed dogs of day to day ..With his well aged reception to that
connection,  Dylan and five brethren fully engage the throng from
beginning to end without intermission and in so doing, truly defined great
stage presence and emotive delivery like no other shall. Dylan in white,
the players in black, with backdrop patterned like velveteen crinkles,
rearranged in lighting perfected by discrete  mastery projected
throughout the Monte Sano night...I'll commend you as you have surely
noted well the set list in its standardized delineation and mirror from
earlier shows for Never-ending Autumn 2016, and we note how finely
presented it was with its keen variety of modified melody, rocking rhyme
and blues...and behold, several occasions of alternative  lyrics which
titillate the wit every time and shivers the grin into action
spontaneously...Dylan's articulations were just fine the entire
performance with even some very heighten falsetto well delivered and
intoned exactly as they seemed...yet for the purist or uninitiated perhaps
only a latter experience as acolyte of over 40 years was
that it was a good vocal performance...every song of the twenty was
recognizable and selections representative and very good, says I. 
 Last  seen at Atlanta's Fox Theater in 2015, tonight musicianship and
 cohesion was comparatively excellent..This and any audience must feel
 free to enjoy such living artistry they're witnessing and did...expecting
 those bass foundations cemented by bow and harmonic esquire of Garnier,
 the elastic diversity and beat-wizardry of Recile, the rafter lifting
 steel extensions and virtuous strings of Herron, such confident of all
 the edges between in Kimball's bedrock interiors and Sexton's prospecting
 and capture of the peculiar way that time turns into a blur when chiseled
 for genre-defying electric wielding...All songs performed with solemnity
 and professional passion...Most impressive this night to my mind and
 feeling was the presentations they collectively provided the four crooner
 standards where their arrangements were perfect for the evening occasion
 and were almost as preferable to the symphonic of the originals,
 almost... bravo! From my house vantage, sound mix and quality was suburb,
 yet with a moderately heavy piano, especially when the needle seemed to
 have skipped by Dylan's occasional repetitive noting, not always in
 key...his musical and personal interactions with each member of the cast
 was conspicuous... ha, sometimes each of 'em bigger than all them put
 together, most of the time, it was the opposite...Hale laureate and
 noble, hale mortal usher ! 

The art of such art, the glory of all this musical expression and the
sunshine of the light of such poetics, is in mastering the enduring
complex and in so doing , displaying in its presentation its result as
simplicity. In this manner, the Prophet Dylan again allows us access to
that place within us where non-local consciousness directly informs our
own creative sensibilities, that hollow place where martyrs weep and
angles play with sin, and points the way in which we must be ever
going...because where we have been no longer remains.  Hopefully, you
will have the opportunity to see one or more of the shows in this southern
tour...come, let us dance and be glad...

.....The cabaret is empty now a sign said. "close for repairs"


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