Baton Rouge, Louisiana

River Center
Theatre For The Performing Arts

October 26, 2016

[Nicholas Fadely]

Review by Nicholas Fadely

In august I saw the first advertisement for Bob Dylan to perform at the
great River Center in Baton Rouge. I currently work two jobs and money is
tight so I didn't think I'd make it. However, two days before showtime,
everything fell into place and I realized I would see Mr. Dylan live for
the first time!! I've been a long time fan and watch his shows on YouTube
any spare time I get. I got to the river center early and right at 8:00
Stu Kimball comes out on stage and starts the acoustic intro for "things
have changed ". Then, the rest of the guys start walking out including the
man himself. All dressed sharp in the same grey jackets with black shirts.
Once they take their places, they kick off with, to my surprise, the
original style of "things have changed "!  No time was wasted getting the
lyrics going. Next was an incredible "don't think twice" where the band
really shined. Especially George Recile who has really earned my respect
as a drummer over the last 14 years. Highway 61 rocked with Bob on piano
playing while standing! He signaled to someone to raise and lower the mic.
"Baby blue" was a highlight and has always been a favorite of mine.
"Lonesome day blues " was probably my favorite of the evening, they
started this one with a punch. I was looking forward to hearing "blowing
in the wind " and it was great just seemed like he rushed through this
one. Only thing I wasn't crazy about was the Sinatra numbers, I'm sure I
will come around and enjoy them more as they grow on me. The crowd was as
energetic as Mr Dylan seemed to be and i was relieved to see that he
REALLY does love to put on a show! He still has it and his voice was as
clear as some of his 2001 shows I've listened to. His vocal style is
similar too. So glad I got to see him and will make sure I make it when he
comes back around.

Nicholas Fadely 


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