Ames, Iowa

Stephens Auditorium

October 24, 2017

[Jim B.], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Jim B.

This was my 8th show and different from any Iíve experienced before.†
Folks looking for a raucous Dylanfest will be disappointed.† Truth is,
itís hard to describe what the show was like.† Best word I can come up
with is Faustian.† Itís like Bobís putting on an apocalyptic lounge
show in the bar at the top of the Empire State Building.† On one side
there are four songs from Tempest (Pay in Blood, Early Roman Kings, Soon
After Midnight, and Long and Wasted Years) Ė all apocalyptic and dark.†
On the other side you get crooner songs (Why Try to Change Me Now,
Melancholy Mood, Once Upon a Time, September of My Years, and Autumn
Leaves) Ė all filled with heartache and loss.† Interspersed are new and
totally unrecognizable arrangements of concert standbys (Highway 61,
Summer Days, Honest With Me, Trying to Get to Heaven, Desolation, Tangled,
Thunder on the Mountain).† What happens is the unfamiliar arrangements
push the standbys into the crooner/tempest songs that come before or
after.† Itís really strange but once youíre in, it becomes more and
more seductive.† It feels like Steven Sondheim and the Ventures are
collaborating to great effect while you are standing between the two and
pulled toward each at the same time.

Other thoughts:
- Things Have Changed is the perfect opening song
- Best arrangement/performance Early Roman Kings
- Best sustained moment Autumn Leaves and Long and Wasted Years. (a great
end to the show) - The non crooner arrangements are very percussive. - No
guitar solos.† The band is very restrained. - Bob is unrestrained on
Piano.† Never seen him so animated. - No Harp. - Bob wears a white dinner
jacket.† Very nice. - Not one word spoken.† No Hello, no introduction of
the band, no Thanks Everybody, no Goodbye.† Just Bob.

Iím really, really glad I got to go.† Thanks Bob for making my year
Ö.. AGAIN!!!


Review by Laurette Maillet

Ames. 24th of October. I arrive in Ames station on time with Jefferson
bus. I am the only one stepping out. Curtis, my CS host, will take 1 hour
away from work to pick me up. The house is huge.† I have the whole
basement for myself.† I unpack and take a walk to downtown for
breakfast.† Well! Not so much of downtown. In half an hour I already seen
all. Ames is a University "village". I buy myself a pumpkin bread. I take
a nap before heading to the Stephens Auditorium,† by the campus, 25
minutes walking distance.† The wind is blasting cold. The buses are
parked on the street. Nothing is happening.† Sue is arriving and also the
biker Fan I met in Omaha. I put my sign out early for the capacity of the
auditorium is only 2700. A Lady comes to me and says she has a ticket. "
how much?" I say. At this time most of the extra tickets are sold face
value. "How much are you willing to pay?" She says. I quickly realise I
have to offer a price. "20?"† "Okay!". Woha! The ticket value is 125$.
Excellent seat. We go in as the weather is getting worst and worst. I
chat† for a long time with Sue. People are pleasant. Security is tight
but not aggressive.† A usher tells me security is tight at the request of
the performer.( ???) Sue is not willing to hear Mavis. I still find some
pleasure in her show, though I know her jokes by heart! The venue is
effectively small. The balconies are suspended in the air. Though it is on
a campus the audiance is ..."old", reserved and polite. The 2 ladies at my
sides have never seen Bob Dylan show before (??). The show is as usual
with "once upon a time" for the 9th song. This is a great show but I am
squeezed between 2 ladies who obviously don't recognise most of the songs.
Too much polite! I move rapidly out and walk the 25 minutes back home.
Curtis is waiting for me and offers me a bowl of veggies and barley soup.
More than welcome.† I sleep deep until 5.15 a.m. when I call UBER for a
ride to the bus station. Good night Bobby!


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