Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brady Theater

October 23, 2016

[Oscar Montes]

Review by Oscar Montes

I want to thank Andy for allow me to share ride and expenses on his car
towards Tulsa. We left about 10:00 AM from Gainesville on show day with
"Why try to change me now" melody on our heads and got to the city about
14:30 PM.

I met my friends Tim and Thomas on their hotel really close to the venue
and it was wonderful to finally meet Kathleen. We all four had lunch and
later Kathleen and me went for a walk through the city including Woody
Guthrie Center which was closed due to a private event (we suspected that
Bob could be there, some days later we knew we were right!), we looked
around the building and found nothing and had decided to go and pick up my
ticket at the box office when suddenly I told her I need a restroom and we
opened the first door we found behind the building and what did we
found???? A Bob Dylan exhibition which we saw completely and private! OMG,
that's was l called being lucky!

Wonderful venue! Small and warmth. Same setlist as previous night in the
Casino and I had to say that I enjoyed again the three Sinatra songs! Yes,
I did! And also the new arrangements in some songs. The crowd was louder
than Thackerville's.

"Make you feel my love" and Desolation row" were some of the highest
points of the night.

"Long and wasted years" again beautiful. A good show I would say.

After the show the four of us got together on a bar close to the venue;
Mangala, Ross and Randy joined us some minutes and we had a really
wonderful time until about 3:00 AM.

I had to take a bus to Dallas at 3:30 AM but luck was again on my side. I
want to thank Kathleen for the ride to Dallas and the tour to some nice
touristic places of the city next day.

Oscar Montes


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