Tucson, Arizona
Casino Del Sol
Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater
October 23, 2002

[Bill Sigmon], [Rick Trapp]

Review by Bill Sigmon

for those that don't know it, many areas of Arizona are on reservation
grounds, and it is different than when it isn't; for one, a major traffic
light about 3 miles away was out, and the somewhat inept crew that was
directing in lieu of the light were slow; the place wasn't full till 3/4
of the way through. I'm a runner, and needed a run, so parked near the
highway, and ran 3 of the 5 miles, until I hitched a ride with a nice
local couple. I got out of the car at the entrance, and entered, just as
to be alone with you was ending. I lucked out, and on my way, snagged the
front row center seat, which I owned til the start of my back pages. Much
different from 10 feet away, than 500 yards, like I was Monday. Overall
though, they seemed a bit flat. Of course, it could have been the crowd
and security. I have NEVER seen such a dead crowd; sorry for those of you
that know I"me talking to you! I mean the security was telling the
occasional person to sit down, and they would; I finally got moved to my
3rd row obstructed seat on the end (which I got via the Dylan pre-sale,
thank you very much), as Old Man started, and was told to sit down; I said
no, and they said I was blocking the person's view behind me, and I
promptly said "tough shit", I have a right to stand here, get your
supervisor if you have a problem. He came, and told me "the next outburst"
and I'd be escorted out; but, I stayed standing; anyway; just as Mutineer
started (yes, for those close up front, I was the asshole that kept
yelling "more warren"), the same supervisor tells me to follow him, and
escorts me to the front row center area, and tells me I can stay there;
I'm not sure if Dylan's crew saw these boneheads telling people to sit,
and they put the kibosh on it or what, but I was diggin it, and was front
row again til the end, and this time stage front; there was about a 10
foot space between the stage and the first seat; finally by Summertime,
the floor was packed, and some of the dead beats were standing; sorry
again folks, but this makes me glad I live in phoenix and won't plan on
moving to Tucson til I'm dead so I'll be at home (that was rank, sorry).
Bob bolted outta there in quite the hurry in their 2 big busses; not sure
if they're driving to new Mexico or taking a flight; I bet they're bussing
it. I'm bob'ed out after 2 this go round; they repeated a bunch of songs
tonight; highlights: lay lady lay was great as was high water. Charlie sat
down on this stoop and played the sort of rhythm that jerry used to play
for bobby of the Dead ('least that's what it reminded me of) and Bob
blistered a solo during Summer Days; Summer Days is the heater these days,
Gripes (I know it's sacrilegious, but Bill will print it anyway I bet):1
Bob, man I wish you'd say at least Boo; what's the deal??? 2 Bob,
Accidentally like a martyr is vital for piano; it's a simple solo (I can
play for god sake, and I'm a drop of the musician you are; LEARN THE
FREAKIN PIANO PART, please, it will make the song so much better
3-accompanying band: lose the maroon polyester jump suit guys; what
happened to those cool shirts Larry was wearing a few years ago? is Bob
making them dress in a uniform? It just seemed very bar bandish. 4-Check
your venue better: while this was an intimate, new, and acoustically
adequate place, it obviously has no experience with a "rock and roll"
concert, and it sucked being a guinea pig to American Indian security and
general lack of hospitality; and I am very "pro-native"; it just really
sucked here, that's all.
Sorry, but I also just drove the 145 miles back, and am bushed.
I loved the show, love Bob, and yes, will be dying to see him again by

-Bill Sigmon


Comments by Rick Trapp

I'm not going to give a full review of the concert at Tucson last night,
but I will verify most of the comments by Bill Sigmon. We were seated (at
least when forced to by security guards and fellow concert-goers) less
than 10 feet away from where Bill was finally allowed to dance in the
aisle. Some friends of ours (and yours) were REMOVED from their fifth row
center seats (bought and paid for, had their tickets in hand) and exiled
to the upper deck for "dancing" at their seats, not on the seats, just for
standing up and refusing to sit down when directed to do so by security.
I've lived in Tucson for nearly twenty years and always thought the people
here were pretty cool, but after last night I'm beginning to worry about
my judgement. Some people who had tickets in the first four rows came in,
sat down and NEVER got off their butts once, not to applaud, not for the
encore, nothing, until it was time to leave. Dylan was rockin', the band
was smokin', the crowd was snoozin', and the security guards were doing
their best to make sure nobody in the audience was disturbed from their
slumber. Nobody wants a crowd out of control, but I always thought
standing in front of your paid-for seat was allowed at rock-n-roll events.
Actually I'm pretty sure there was some kind of Ticketmaster mixup and
most of the people there thought they were going to a Barry Manilow

Rick Trapp


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