Salt Lake City, Utah

Eccles Theater
Delta Performance Hall

October 18, 2017

[Zenarrow], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Zenarrow

First off the 18th was my 10th show.  Both these nights were downright
AMAZING.... Last time I saw Bob was in Denver Co July 31 2013, after that
show I was a little disillusioned with Bob. Looking back that was in the
middle of the "Who's gonna be the guitarist Duke or Charlie?" I was at the
point of thinking I had witnessed my last show, with what I thought a
"Bad" show and the repeating setlists.  Then to top it off I wasn't a fan
of the last 3 crooner albums. I thought I had moved on.

But, happened to see Bob was going to be close in SLC and I was on days
off, so I figured I would give these shows the honor of being my last
shows, I was convinced I would not like the crooner Bob. I do not know
what has taken place, but if you read my review of the Greenwood Village
CO show I was at a lose for where the band stood. Whatever it was it seems
to have worked it self out beautifully, whether Bob loosened his reigns on
the band or if they fell into place, everything about these shows were
fantastic.  I have to give props to the Eccles Theater, as it is beautiful
and the sound is second to none. From Bob's singing, his clarity and his
delivery of his lyrics, wow, these 2 shows might be the best I have ever
seen him. I was hoping for the rockers, but was blown away at the slow
crooner songs, not only did Bob sound perfect but the band too was spot
on, tight, the whole show was beautiful. I would be honest in saying they
may have stolen the show.  I don't know how to express this but these
songs work. Not taking away from the rockers but everything was delivered
perfectly, I was left with my jaw on the floor to every version of every
song, from the Blowin' in The Wind, Early Roman Kings to Tryin To Get To
Heaven.  I don't know, but these 2 shows are special to me for some
reason, like I stated, "From Bob's singing, his clarity and his delivery
of his lyrics, to the tightness of his band", it just worked. 



Review by Laurette Maillet

I wake up early ; 7 a.m., walk to the nearest 7Eleven for a cup o coffee
and food. At 9 a.m. Mark (my Couchsurfing host) knocks at the door. We
take a walk in the neighborhood. I rest a while and then walk down to the
Eccles Theater in early afternoon. Just on time to see the BD bus pulling
in the parking lot. Time for the Soundcheck. I walk the downtown area for
one hour and retrieve my path to the Eccles. Mavis is stepping out of her
bus. A gentle Fan asks her for an autograph. I take a chance to tell her
how great inspiration she is and shake hand with her. Nothing much is
happening, except Barron doing some business. The catering people bring
food inside. Time for the BD folks to eat. Bon Appetit!

I walk up the hill to rest and get ready.
Walk down the hill around 7 p.m.
The crowd is slowly gathering inside the lobby of the Eccles.
Nice weather, nice and friendly folks.
Even the security smiles at my sign ; 'If you have an extra ticket you do
not need. I will be happy to use it. Thank you'.

There is no scalpers here. Another woman (who is not F.) is also looking
for a friendly ticket. She will get one. A man approaches me, says he has
an extra ticket he would like to sell. I say 'Alright. Try to sell but if
you can't, please, think about me'. He will. I am in, on the second
balcony (there is a third one above). Mavis is on time. Same show as
yesterday, same jokes. Warming the Casa!!!!

Stu strumming. George beating.
Bob is in white/ cream ¾ long jacket. Same pants, black with white
stripes. No hat. Black hair which looks red in the spot lights. But I
swear, his hair ain't red!

I pay attention to every single line of the songs.
He didn't change the lyrics of 'tangled up in blue' , just the melody. I
LOVE ' summer days' a sort of bluegrass jig that makes me feel like
standing up and dancing. But I am stuck and glued on my chair! It reminds
me of the one I loved so much ; 'Beyond here lies nothing' 'Once upon a
time' is a great choice. It should be on the setlist. 'Pay in blood' is
torching up to the night. 'Early Roman Kings' is moving the casba. 'Soon
after midnight' comes as a refreshing sweet, romantic tune. 'Desolation
row' is the highlight. The public is standing up. 'Thunder on the
mountain' is adding a lightning to the hot atmosphere... the tempest
before the calm and relaxing fall of the 'Autumn leaves'. 'Long and wasted
years' is the closing. It could have been 'Love sick'. By now Bobby must
be tired. He trots to the backstage. I am up for 5 minutes, clapping and
shouting 'bravo Bobby!' The performance was excellent.

I believe at some point he must have been confused with the order of the
songs as Tony murmured something in his ear. I also believe 'Once upon a
time' was not on the setlist as Bob moved to each one of the musician
(except Stu) to deliver few words before the song.

The encore is without surprise. By now the public is up.
Good public who could appreciate the Dylan's songs as well as the covers.
I didn't see anyone leaving the venue before the encore.

For me, and because I was on the balcony where the sound was perfect, this
is the best show of the 3 I attended. I move out with the crowd, bump into
Al Santos who happily shakes hand with me, bump into Ian who gives me a
big hug and a goodbye(this is his last show of that tour). I walk back
home singing … but I miss you must of all, my Darling, when autumn
leaves start to faaaaaaallllllll..... Good night Bobby, sweet dreams,! See
you soon.


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