Salt Lake City, Utah

Eccles Theater
Delta Performance Hall

October 17, 2017

[Laurette Maillet], [Zenarrow]

Review by Laurette Maillet

From Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. 
15th of October.
I booked a Greyhound bus for 10pm arriving 6.50 am , next morning.
It was well planed in my head.
Oh well! On the road anything can happen!
The station is packed with folks going to L.A. and few to Salt Lake City.
As the night goes on , Greyhound staff keeps on annoucing delays. By 4
a.m. 5 buses have been delaid!! Apparently a lack of ... drivers! They
offer pizza and soda to a quiet and sleepy crowd of 100 and so. I take it
easy as there is no show tonight on the 16th. At 10 am on the 16th a bus
to Salt Lake City is boarding restless passengers. I sleep on most of the
8 hours ride! Mark had left the key of his condo under the mat and gave me
instructions on how to reach my Couchsurfing destination. A condo all for
myself! I sleep well and spend the next morning discovering the area  :
the creek path, the Mormons Temple, the Family library (to find your
ancestors. Didn't find them!! ).... I walk 20 minutes straight South to
find the Eccles Theater. Found it. 5pm. The black buses are parked
already. Bobby's bus engine running. Soundcheck time. Nothing much is
happening so I walk back to my condo to recharge my battery and get ready.
I crisscross with Charlie taking a walk around. I say "hi Charlie, nice to
see you again!" . He answers with a smile. Time to walk down and there is
a crowd by the entrance of the Eccles. It takes me 10 minutes to chat with
Steven who will hand me his extra ticket:8th row, floor, on the left of
the stage. Mavis Staples is opening tonight at 7.30p.m. Great Mavis. The
same show as few years ago! Marching I ain't turning around I'll take you
there... All songs from the early 60's. She's warming up the beautiful
three balconies theater. The ceiling is brighten with stars!  No one in
front of me but many behind! (The 2 seats in front of me will be empty the
entire show!) 45 minutes of pure SOUL! Don't you dare miss it! 20 minutes
of break to remove the Mavis drumms and roll the Bobby's piano. Bob is
dressed the same??!! Where is Suzy? Start the same. 1.Things Have Changed
George is drumming good! 2.It Ain't Me, Babe 3.Highway 61 Revisited 4.Why
Try To Change Me Now 5.Summer Days My favourite. 6.Melancholy Mood second
favourite. 7.Tryin' To Get To Heaven 8.This Nearly Was Mine new tonight.
Don't know this one. 9.Honest With Me 10.September Of My Years 11.Pay In
Blood Great tonight. 12.Tangled Up In Blue I still can't get the new
melody. Sorry! 13.Early Roman Kings 14.Soon After Midnight 15.Desolation
Row The public favourite! 16.Thunder On The Mountain 17.Autumn Leaves
18.Long And Wasted Years   (encore) 19.Blowin' In The Wind 20.Ballad Of
A Thin Man   

I pay attention to Stu, right in front of me.
Stu is playing a red electric guitar most of the time. Except for 'summer
days', 'pay in blood', 'blowin'in the wind'. Donnie is on steal guitar
except on violin for 'summer days ', 'blowing in the wind'. Mandolin on 2
songs. Tony on electric bass, except the Croony songs and 'Early Roman
kings' and 'blowing in the wind' he will be on standing bass. Bob will
never blow his harp. Already the end. I stand close to the stage. See
Bobby 'almost' smiling! I find a ticket stub for my friend Stefano and
rapidly move out. Walk back to my condo with 'soon after midnight ' in my
head. And sleep with a 'satisfied mind'. Thank you Steven. Thank you the
Band. Thank you all you good people. Good night Bobby dear! See you
tomorrow,  nice time, same place!


Review by Zenarrow

Last time I saw Bob was in Denver Co July 31 2013, after that
show I was a little disillusioned with Bob. Looking back that was in the
middle of the "Who's gonna be the guitarist Duke or Charlie?" I was at the
point of thinking I had witnessed my last show, with what I thought a
"Bad" show and the repeating setlists.  Then to top it off I wasn't a fan
of the last 3 crooner albums. I thought I had moved on.

But, happened to see Bob was going to be close in SLC and I was on days
off, so I figured I would give these shows the honor of being my last
shows, I was convinced I would not like the crooner Bob. I do not know
what has taken place, but if you read my review of the Greenwood Village
CO show I was at a lose for where the band stood. Whatever it was it seems
to have worked it self out beautifully, whether Bob loosened his reigns on
the band or if they fell into place, everything about these shows were
fantastic.  I have to give props to the Eccles Theater, as it is beautiful
and the sound is second to none. From Bob's singing, his clarity and his
delivery of his lyrics, wow, these 2 shows might be the best I have ever
seen him. I was hoping for the rockers, but was blown away at the slow
crooner songs, not only did Bob sound perfect but the band too was spot
on, tight, the whole show was beautiful. I would be honest in saying they
may have stolen the show.  I don't know how to express this but these
songs work. Not taking away from the rockers but everything was delivered
perfectly, I was left with my jaw on the floor to every version of every
song, from the Blowin' in The Wind, Early Roman Kings to Tryin To Get To
Heaven.  I don't know, but these 2 shows are special to me for some
reason, like I stated, "From Bob's singing, his clarity and his delivery
of his lyrics, to the tightness of his band", it just worked. 



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