Phoenix, Arizona

Comerica Theatre

October 16, 2016

[Nancy Cobb], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Nancy Cobb

Having attended Desert Trip for the past two weekends, at the last minute
I had had enough of Trump overkill (Roger Waters) and decided to go to
Phoenix where Bob's own fans would be seeing off his fall tour.  I also
wondered how much of the new set list would survive and endure.  Bob and
his band did not disappoint.  They were elegant in shades of gray and
black and Bob's nice suit, polka dot shirt, and close quarters on the
stage with his band showed that things were going to be great going ahead.
 Desolation Row and his final encore, Why Try to Change me Now have never
been performed better (imho).  It is like Bob is having a musical
conversation with only you (or me).  If he is going to be injecting little
doses of his 60's creations from time to time I would (from a feminine
point of view) politely suggest Visions of Johanna and/or I Want You
because with every concert date from now on there will be people coming
who have never heard Bob live before, and I believe, (maybe not everybody
agrees), if you have not heard Dylan and his Band live, you have not
really heard him at all.


Review by Laurette Maillet

I reach the Comerica Theater around 5.30 p.m.
I remember being here 4 years ago.
"Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast.†"
The buses are parked in the parking lot(well, actually in the street).
Bobby's bus is here. Well! So far so good. He didn't get lost in the
desert trip. I chat for a while with 2 guys looking for autographs.
Autographs hunter must be a new fascion. 7.	15 p.m. time for me to move to
the front. The crowd is slowly moving in order. 2 guys offer me tickets.
It must be my lucky day. I chose the one next to my friend Randy. Might as
well enjoy that show with a connaisseur, someone who will not chat and ask
insesantly for "Hurricane "(?). Right on time Stu strums his little tune.
And "boom, boom"says George's drums. It is a familiar set up. Bob is
hatless, in white with a shirt apparently light blue (but a shirt!). The
crowd offers him an ovation. Nobel or not Nobel tonight he's just Bob
Dylan. 1."Things have changed". Powerful and clearly articulated. His
voice is fine. 2.Donít Think Twice, Itís All Right (Bob on piano) Nice
song, I sing along. 3.Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on piano) Strong. Little
Georgy is doing a good job! And Charlie too! 4.Itís All Over Now, Baby
Blue (Bob on piano) For who Bobby? 5.High Water (For Charley Patton) (Bob
center stage) With the new bluesy arrangement he tried during the last
Tour. 6.I Could Have Told You (Bob center stage) Instead of "Simple twist
of fate"† I was expecting on guitar. Not the best of his Sinatra song.
7.Early Roman Kings (Bob on piano) Ta ta ta ta ta! Boom boom, boom boom!
George is strong! By the way the Early Roman Kings were maybe Romulus and
Remus. But who knows? Bobby knows : he had a dog called Brutus. 8.Love
Sick (Bob center stage) My best so far. My highlight for the night. Crying
on this one, still. 9.Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage then on piano
with harp) The only one on harp. 10.Lonesome Day Blues (Bob on piano) I
don'tknow that one much. I am impressed that he can remember all those
lyrics. (Of course now that he is officially a Poet. He has to!) 11.Make
You Feel My Love (Bob on piano) A sweet one. 12.Pay In Blood ( Bob center
stage) An angry one. 13.Desolation Row (Bob on piano) Oh yea! This one
alone won him the Nobel! 14.Soon After Midnight (Bob on piano) Sweet. I am
glad he picked up this one. 15.Long And Wasted Years† It should wake up
the audience. But no, the public is quiet and respectful,† a bit too
much? Am I the only one exited on my seat? (encore) 16.Blowin' In The Wind
(Bob on piano) Ok. The public finaly reacts. 17.Why Try To Change Me Now
(Bob center stage) No, no, no. I was expecting LARS. †(As we call it
among the Fans.) "Like a rolling stone" Bobby! But , of course, that song
could be a message. The Nobel didn't change him a bit. It could have been
better to end with "Love sick". I think.

This is a setlist resuming 55 years of career.†

Bobby looks good. More than during the last Tour even. His voice is
strong. His body is straight. He is slim and looks sexy without hat. He
plays fool with the center mike and plays up straight at the piano. Take a
chance to see him on that Tour. You might be happily surprised. And of
course I will say ; Congratulations Felicitation Mazal Tov ... That Tour
is " the Nobel Tour".


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