Indio, California

Empire Polo Club

October 14, 2016

[Nancy Cobb]

Review by Nancy Cobb

Unlike all the other Desert Trip headliners who had loud introductions
documenting their significance in rock 'n roll history, there were no
announcements prior to Dylan's set, and even winning a Nobel Prize did not
change that fact.  Bob did make a few concessions to the 75,000 in
attendance, most of whom were mainly there to see the Rolling Stones: he
allowed videos of himself and the band on the big screens throughout his
set, however they were in noirish black and white, in contrast to the
Stones in saturated Technicolor, and he and his band stood in silent
tribute to the audience at the climax. As window dressing, he lost the
hat,donned loose lavishly embroidered pants, and stood at the piano or
center stage for the entire performance.  On Thin Man, he cawed derisively
(not my words) and in wonderment to those who have followed him recently,
he encored with "the greatest Rock 'N Roll song ever written" more kind
and gentle than I remember, followed by "Why Try to Change Me Now" (duh). 
The Stones, obviously inspired by Dylan's triumph, stepped up their game
with a great show.  Mick and Keith both gave shout outs to their opening
act, Mick saying that he was "our own Walt Whitman" and Keith, less
intelligibly, clearly incredulous that this could happen to a guy like


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