Indio, California

Empire Polo Club

October 7, 2016

[Nancy Cobb], [Steinar Daler], [Al Eldridge]

Review by Nancy Cobb

From the first notes of Rainy Day Woman I knew this show would be
different.  I heard the concert promoters did not try to influence his set
list, but perhaps the 24 hour news cycle of Trump, women, hurricane, pot
and war did.  AND anyone who was here and says they could not understand
him needs a hearing aid or has other problems.  The sound for him and his
band was crystal clear (I can't say the same for the Stones, who came
later with brassy over amped instrumentation indicating that perhaps
Mick's lyrics didn't mean much).  The crowd was relatively quiet and
polite, and Dylan had on his signature fedora and white striped pants but
with a depression-era looking jacket with perhaps nothing under it (I was
not that close and it was a very hot night).  8 of the 16 songs Bob did
were from his 60s classic rock period, and only 6 were from his recent
tours including 3 from Tempest.  The highlights for me were Desolation Row
and his encore, Masters of War.  With Bob's weary and well-travelled voice
this song had a more sinister quality to it more than 50 years later with
our country still in the same quagmire.  To close out the set before the
encore, he sang Ballad of a Thin Man for the 1,109th time live.  I hope he
was talking about Mr. Trump, though he doesn't seem to have a pencil in
his hand that much.  He also sang Make You Feel my Love, one I had never
heard him do live, which Adele has covered nicely.  I am hoping that his
dedication and interest in the songs of the Great American songbook will
inspire him to write a proper love song based in the present instead of
some dream about the future or bitterness about the past.  I will be
seeing Bob again next weekend.


Review by Steinar Daler

Here's my review of the first DT weekend. The whole arrangement was
excellent and very good organised. The soundsystem was unbelievable I have
never heard anything like it. All the people we talked with said the same.
The music: Bob did a really good set. His voice was as good as it has been
the last year. The song selection was good and the ending with Masters Of
War was brilliant and surprising. Most decent Desolation Row I have heard
for years (But only 7 verses). But of course Bob did nothing to please the
audience. Not one single word spoken, no presentation of the band, very
short big screen use. Not surprising for me or you but very disappointing
for most of the audience.

Rolling Stones. It's only rock 'n roll but I like it. And so did most of
the audience. 

Neil Young! I saw Neil in Norway at the end of july, so I knew what I was
in for. In my opinion he and The Promise Of The Real is outstanding.
Another level than all the others. And tremendous power. Even Neil alone
at the start of the concert.

Paul McCartney. Good but he could have skipped the first hour.. It
really took off when he called Neil up on stage.

The Who. I have not seen them since Isle Of Wight in 1970, and my
expectatations were low. I were in for a surprise. They were real good
from the first song. Real good between song talking by Pete Townsend too.
A couple of amazing videoes showed on the big screen. I loved it. 

Roger Waters. I have never seen him before, but I kind of knew what I was
in for. He too, could have skipped the first hour. Too much "Theatre". But
later on it grew better and better. Outstanding political comments from
Roger. If Trump will be the next president I guess Roger Waters will be
refused permition to enter US. 

Total: 3 good ones; Stones, McCartney and Roger Waters.
2 very good ones; Bob Dylan and The Who.
1 outstanding artist: Neil Young.
A last coment: There was two "concerts"; Bob and Neil. The other four were

I will see Bob again in Las Vegas tomorrow, I really wonder what kind of
set he will do. 

Steinar Daler 


Comments by Al Eldridge

Susan and I were fortunate enough, after hearing early Thursday morning
(thanks Lynette!) about the new laureate, to get last minute tickets to
see Bob in Vegas on the same day he heard the news. No Nobel references.
There were no introductions of him or the band. He said not one word but
sang songs from his own songbook -- but ended with the highlight of the
night for me with a Sinatra song. Sinatra personified the Vegas of his
day. It wasn't just the lyrics, which are dylanesque because bob's writing
is all about the deep experience of being alive. It was also bob's great
singing and the message of the song. "Why Try To Change Me Now". The song
ends with the lyric:

So, let people wonder, let 'em laugh, let 'em frown
You know I'll love you till the moon's upside down
Don't you remember I was always your clown?
Why try to change me now?

My bob touring friends will understand.


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