Calgary, Alberta
Pengrowth Saddledome
August 28, 2002

[Robert Johnson]

Review by Robert Johnson

This was my first time seeing Bob Dylan live. I always enjoy going to live
performances to get a much better impression of the people that the songs
come from. The show was great all night. Bob Dylan is an impressive
character to witness. 

The first half of the show included a few tunes familiar to me, but all
were played out with the appropriate attention and conviction. The
slightly altered arrangements of some of the tunes in the second half
added to their impact. Tangled Up In Blue was done with some extra zip,
and the whole concert seemed to take a leap to a higher energy level after
that. It was getting into great guitar duos and (dare I use the phrase)
country-rock-hillbilly on a few tunes, and the guitar work with Bob and
Charlie Sexton was tremendous. 

When the time came for Like A Rolling Stone, I was very impressed with the
conviction of the's a song with a question that makes a
very strong challenge to conscience and for those who may be so lucky to
have never experienced those kinds of very unfortunate states or moments
(at their worst......we all have the rugs pulled out from under us
periodically), a chance to take a look around and be more compassionate.
It needs to be performed from a forceful and purely authentic frame of
mind. Bob projected that clearly. He finds the right way to perform such
songs and moments within songs so well. 

I came away very impressed with Dylan's sense of conviction, lively
spirit, sense of humor and obviously, the incredible list of songs with
which he can build a concert from. 

Mr. Dylan, you are invited back to Calgary. Annually or more, if it so
pleases you. 


Robert Johnston
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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