Sun City West, Arizona
Sundome For The Performing Arts
August 23, 2001

[Jhenifer Krutz], [Steve Stockmar]

Review by Jhenifer Krutz

The Sun City Sundome is the last place in AZ that you would expect to WANT
to drive to do anything, but apparently Bob Dylan & his amazing band were
worth the journey.

The Sundome is actually a GREAT venue. Indoors, ample FREE parking & a
nice theater style seating arrangement-- which is a nice change from the
usual Desert Sky Pavilion venue.

I have to admit that I was there for one reason & that reason is Charlie
Sexton. A great addition to any band, Charlie is a fan of Bob's, so who
better to play guitar with him than someone who respects him as a true
talent? And what an honor to be chosen to play in such company? I am a
sort of novice when it comes to Bob Dylan. Well, I WAS a novice & now I
can say that I am officially addicted to Bob. Although when listening to
Charlie's solo music, Bob Dylan's influence is everywhere, I haven't had
much experience with Bob's music.

The show was incredible. Sound was great, A/C was pumping through the
auditorium. It was good, but got much better when 50 or so people rushed
the stage. I happened to be one of them & got to stand right in front of
Bob & Charlie & Larry for almost the entire concert. It was truly an
experience being close enough to smile at the band & have them smile back.

The trading of guitar licks & all players being watchful of the
unpredictability of Bob made this a very interesting show for me. It was
very clear who was the King on stage. I believe that his amp was at 11
while Larry & Charlie's amps were set at 8... but being the songwriting
genius that changed music for the better, he certainly deserves to play at

Lots of prodding & encouragement to get Bob to dance & move around a bit
on Charlie's part finally paid off with Bob doing some dancing & even
cracking a grin here & there. Larry played great with some slick guitar
licks of his own & David & Tony backed the band perfectly making it all
mesh together for an awe inspiring show.

I will definitely be purchasing future tickets to Bob's shows & I do hope
that all of you fans out there get out of your seats & rush the stage
every chance you get! It seems to put Bob in a great mood!

Phx,  AZ


Review by Steve Stockmar

The jokes flew across the Valley of the Sun all week about 60-year-old Bob
Dylan playing the unlikely venue in the sleepy retirement town in west
Phoenix. But the crowd was very diverse, young and old, gray hair and
dreadlocks alike. The show got to a rousing start with the lovely
"Somebody Touched Me" that got the place going like a revival. Bob, in his
Spanish-style black suit, went quickly to work with a great sound system.
"Times They Are A-Changing" was sentimental but still fresh, but then
launching into "It's All Right, Ma," was a real surprise and got the crowd
charged with the great red lighting drowning the stage and band. "Gotta
Serve Somebody," another welcome surprise, gave way to a wonderful "Just
Like A Woman." Bob and the band were definitely four-for-four, but the
crowd, unfortunately, seemed more reserved than rocking. "Senor" was next
followed by a wicked run of, in breathtaking order, "Stuck Inside of
Mobile," "Masters Of War," and "Love Minus Zero." The band was at its peak
but saved the best of the night for next. Bob's first chords of "Tangled
Up In Blue" were immediately familiar and, in an unplanned display of
unity, about one-third of the reserved crowd raised to its feet and danced
- literally - to the front of the stage, filling in the aisles as elderly
ushers tried to make sense of it all, only to surrender and retreat to the
lobby. The performance balanced by the blue lighting sequences was
awe-inspiring. Toward the end of the jam, Bob walked to the drum riser,
held his guitar behind his back with his right hand, and went to work on
the harp with his left hand getting the crowd's loudest ovation of the
night. Everyone was swept up, including the band. It's the only show of
the tour I've seen but, the way the band smiled and shook their heads as
Bob continually revved them to keep the jam going for 10 minutes, led me
to believe that this "Tangled" may have been the tour's best. Except for
the momentum-killing "Love Sick" to open the encore, Bob entertained with
his standards, "Rolling Stone," "Knockin'", "Watchtower," and, the best of
the encore, "Blowin' In The Wind." A classic night with I'm sure at least
a couple of the tour's highlights.


page by Bill Pagel

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