Vail, Colorado
Gerald Ford Amphitheater
August 19, 2001

[Justin Edgar, [Julie Morrill], [David Link]

Review by Justin Edgar

	Well, I think it's about time to get a review of this Vail show out 
there. I was not going to attend this show, but after a great night at 
Pueblo, I decided that I would try my luck at Vail….one final blowout 
b/f I started graduate school this week. Made the 2 ˝ hour trip from Fort 
Collins and got to the venue around 4 to 4:#0….little did I know how hard 
it would be to get a ticket. Finally at 6:00….i scored an extra for the 
lawn. Paid a bit more than I had hoped to, but in the end it was worth it.
	A little bit about the venue b/f I start reviewing the show. This 
amphitheatre is the smallest venue I had ever seen outdoors. The entire 
pavilion and lawn could have fit under the pavilion at most major 
amphitheatres in the nation. The venue had a beautiful backdrop of the 
Rocky Mts….just stunning. The acoustics were spectacular…..when I first 
arrived, they had just started the soundcheck, and even outside the venue, 
the acoustics sounded great. For those interested, the soundcheck started 
w/ a nice jam, then went into I Don't Believe You. Every Grain of Sand 
followed, and the newly upbeat I Want You followed. I would have liked 
to have heard more, but needed to get up to the parking lot to look for 
a ticket. Luckily, a few of us fell upon a guy who had 6 extras. 
	Got to the lawn….chilly and wet from the rain…..and sat til Bob and
the boys came on and stepped into…Hallelujah (I'm Ready to Go) - very nice 
version, though I was not used to the slowed down tempo. The only other 
time I saw the song it was upbeat and thumping. This version seemed more 
tailored and the band stepped through it extremely well. Strong vocals 
from Bob, and the backup vocals sounded very good in echoing through the 
area.  Song to Woody - One of my favorite songs for the second slot. Dylan 
sang soft and strong during this song. His annunciation for this song, as 
well as the rest of the show was stunning. This was also where I noticed Bob 
was picking his guitar w/ extreme confidence.  Mama You've Been on My Mind - 
I was kind of disappointed to hear this one b/c it was played the prior night 
in Pueblo. In my opinion, this was a much stronger version of the song. Dylan 
continued to experiment with his famous 2 and 3 note guitar solos and was 
visibly having fun on the stage. The harmonica solo was very well done and 
seemed to kickstart the mostly dead crowd in Vail…there was a much better 
crowd the night before in Pueblo.  Masters of War - If you've ever seen this 
song….I don't need to tell you how the performance went. The one thing I like 
about this song now is how he repeats the first verse at the end of the song. 
To me it solidifies the message, an dbrings the song full circle.  To Be 
Alone W/ You - great song to kick off the electric set. This redone version 
is much better than the versions I've heard from the past 4 or 5 years. He 
seemed to finally get this song so that it runs smoothly. Larry's fiddle 
really adds a lot to this song. Dylan's vocals just seemed to be getting 
better and better as the night went on, plus he continued to take the lead 
on guitar….fun stuff to watch.  Lay Lady Lay - One of the few songs that got 
the crowd into the show….horrible crowd that night that was dominated by rich 
people who couldn't have cared less about the show. Again, Dylan's vocals 
shined….the song had a good balance b/w soft vocals and powerful vocals. 
Really nice to hear.  Maggie's Farm - Every time I hear this song, the 
opening melody is different. Very nice version of this song. The tempo 
wasn't too fast or too slow and Dylan howled the lyrics as if possessed.
Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll - I believe this was the highlight of the 
show. Seemed to be a little faster than the other live version I saw of this 
song. Gently song and plucked throughout. In every verse the word "Tears" 
was played with and pulled to show the powerful message behind the song. I 
was shocked to see Bob go back for his harmonica on this one….beautiful 
solo and a fitting end to a great performance.  It Ain't Me Babe - Solid 
version of the song…no mistakes and great picking once again from Bob. 
Thought he'd pull the harp out again, but was left w/ that wish.  Don't 
Think 2X - Like M.O.W….not much to say about this one if you've seen it 
before. Nothing too special though the strength of the show seemed to 
continue growing throughout.  Watching The River Flow - One of my favorite 
Dylan tunes…esp. the recent versions. Great singing and the interactions 
b/w everyone on stage was phenomenal. I love the blues solos/jams that 
occur in this song, and they rocked it out.  Tryin to Get to Heaven - One 
thing I've learned is that Bob rarely misses a beat on the TOOM songs. 
Once again this was proved true. Gentle, yet powerful….this one really 
helps you understand what a great musician he is.  Wicked Messenger and 
Rainy Day Women - These two were pretty much similar to the versions that 
are out there from recent shows. The outstanding vocals and playing 
continued and the crowd finally seemed to get into the concert during RDW
Love Sick - As strong as ever….in my opinion one of the greatest songs he's 
ever written and nothing is better than seeing it expressed in his live 
shows. Strong as ever and great to hear.  Like a Rolling Stone - Always 
like hearing this song, yet the performances are always so similar that 
it would really take something outstanding for me to say it was fifferent 
from all the others I've heard. This was another fundamental LARS. Strong 
and smooth throughout.  After LARS, the boys went to pick up their acoustic instruments….but the stage manager came out and started talking to Bob. They 
then left for backstage…came back out and did the formation….then left for 
the night. The whole thing looked confusing and was extremely hard to figure 
out. All I could think was that they wanted people to clear out b/f the 
oncoming thunderstorm that was over the mountains would hit the venue. 
	Overall, this was probably the most solid vocally and instrumentally I 
have seen Bob in the fourteen shows I've attended. It's a must hear for 
the vocal performance and the rarities. A fun show….though I would have 
liked it more if the crowd was more appreciative of what was goin on. 
Beautiful venue and show and was a fitting end to my summer.


Comments by Julie Morrill

I've never seen Bob look more handsome
and totally cool than on this night at the
Gerald Ford Amphitheatre in Vail.  He came
out a little late but I think this was due to so
many local Vail people still trying to get a 
seat on the lawn.  He was wearing a very
tailored cream colored western cut suit,
cream colored boots and a string tie.  To
me, this was incredible because of the
gorgeous venue and also that I have only
seen him in black.  

I felt privileged to hear Mama, you've been
on my mind as well as Lonesome Death of
Hattie Carroll, he sang them beautifully
and I listened tearfully.   The show was 
great, the scenery  God's country, the
man in the cream colored suit my love.

Julie Morrill,


Comments by David Link

  The Vail show was funny--that is my first impression looking back on
it-(right now after getting home for a brief break between Colorado and
Las Vegas-Lancaster).  It was pouring rain as we drove into Vail and
parked very close to the seemingly-brand new Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. 
The rain was not looking good, but it being Colorado, I knew it had a good
chance of blowing over. (Which it finally did just before the show began).

  Just before the gates for the show opened, Bob's bus pulled up and 6 or
security guards are instructed to run down and meet it. They then jog
along side of it, three on a side, with their hands on it, just like they
do with the president or any other Very Important Person. In New York City
it would have probably looked normal. In Vail it looked like a comedy, and
they all knew it. I couldn't resist busting the biggest security guy's
balls as he came back up. "Great job man, well done". He looked at me and
laughed, knowing what a joke it was.  Good pre-show humor always helps.   
   They spent a lot of money on this place, and this was the first venue
ever been in where they sell you whole bottles of wine and let you walk
around with them! Unreal.
   The Vilar Pavilon, the official name of the section Dylan played,  had
small reserved section and a slightly larger general admission lawn
section, marked by rocks in the ground here and there, each one placed
perfectly. I mean this place was plush. This was no Shorline at Mountain
View. There were rows of flowers between the stage and the rail.
  Hallelujah was a good start, though I don't like it as well as the other
current  openers.  The sound was crisp and clear, but the first thing I
noticed was that Bob's voice seemed to have gotten much rougher since the
end of 2000, which is when I saw him last. (Wicomico-Towson).  Song to
Woody was a great surprise for me, since I had not heard it in a while.
Mama was the first song with Bob on the harmonica, and it was uneventful
but good. Lay Lady Lay sounded great, and The Lonesome Death Of Hattie
Carroll was perfect. Watching The River Flow and The Wicked Messenger were
also awesome. To me, things seemed to sound great, but I was not right up
front as I am used to, so it was a different experience for me.  I liked
this show very much, but a lot of people were not happy that it was so
short. Well, too bad. Either it was a curfew at 9:00 PM (which is when the
concert ended, after starting at 7:15 or so), or Bob was feeling
winded---I'm not sure which, but all I know was I was psyched for
Telluride after this short but sweet performance.


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