Moncton, New Brunswick
Moncton Coliseum
August 8, 2002

[Shane Bernard]

Review by Shane Bernard

Unbelievable!! That’s the best way to describe this non-stop high energy
performance by Bob Dylan and his "kick ass" band. This was my "4th time
around" at a Dylan concert(2nd in Moncton) and without a doubt this one
topped them all, begging the question is he really younger than that now -
was so much older then. The guy rocked for two hours! not much soft
acoustic stuff here.

We made the pilgrimage from Prince Edward Island once again, having a
slight problem with the van over heating and almost getting "stuck inside
of Shediac with the motor blues again", adding a little excitement to the
trip. We got there just in time for the opening number "I Am The Man
Thomas", setting the cranked up mode that never levelled off all night.

The "Love and Theft" tunes were probably the highlight for me, each one a
superb, different version from the album track. The hard driving “Summer
Days” hit another level when it comes to live performances, Bob and the
band were out of this world on this one and you could tell by the
expressions on the whole cast that they really enjoyed it. The next tune,
"Never Gonna Be The Same Again" was also a gem. The new arrangement was
pure Bob genius with it's breaks into the possibility of the whole song
falling apart and then bringing you back with a magnificent riff. After
that came "The Wicked Messenger", and.. well..this one was simply stated..
"Wicked"! After  rattling the walls with this song Bob went into "Rainy
Day Woman" and then introduced the band, poking a little fun at Tony
Garnier as he said "And playing the toughest instrument, on bass guitar
Tony Garnier". He then walked over to Tony and seemed to be apologizing to
him for the joke, both had big smiles on their faces. The encore tunes
were equally special with a great closing performance of "All Along the 
Watchtower". Amazing show, can't wait for the fifth time around!!



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