Greenwood Village, Colorado

Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

July 31, 2013

[Storch family], [Carl Donner], [Zenarrow]

Review by Storch family

WOW.  Just got home from a 6 hour rock show. When was the last time 
I said that?  Show started at 5PM because Greenwood Village (suburb
south of Denver) has a 11 pm curfew. No problem the way to beat a 
curfew, start the show at 5PM.

The sun was blazing hot and the house was empty as Ryan Bingham got
the afternoon off to a kick ass start. My Morning Jacket quickly followed on
by 5:45. MMJ best song was a cover version of The Bands Don't Do It. 
Make way for Wilco, a brief rain shower, a double rainbow and a great set.
Wilco clearly were the top of the pops this night. From the Art of
Almost, Woody Guthrie songs and jams with MMJ covering Neil Young's
still have Bob Dylan! My 4th Dylan show, My Fifteen year old son and his 
pal 1st Dylan show, in fact their first and rock show.

Here are my highlights from night with Dylan.

Bob Look sharp in his White Sports Coat and black pants going vogue 
and striking the pose telling us Things Has Changed. Next up a funny, 
clear, Love Sick. Hey this static set list is not  bad after all.Early Roman
Kings turn out to be a nice blues jam. Tangled up in Blue was a treat and
a first for me. She Belongs to Me a different read but worth wild. This
point people are streaming towards the exits but a good chunk of the near
sell out crowd still remain and are enjoying and encouraging Bobby and
Dylan is clearly putting himself out there. I think having Wilco and the
other young guns on the bill force Bob to bring it and Dylan appears to
be enjoying himself. Next the cowboy band throws us a curve ball and 
goes way from the same every night set list and much to the relief of the
never ending pool  give us a nice reading of  Desolation Row. A great
Blind Willie McTell with the best harp playing of the night. Summer Days
turns out to be a nice be bop thing with Bob in clear voice delivering
all the punch lines with great timing. A disappointing AATW had me
looking to make a quick get away but then came the true highlight of the
set, Bob encores with Shooting Star! The last time you might hear the
sermon on the mount.

Bob Telling us "Guess it’s too late to say the things to you That you
needed to hear me say As Dylan slips out from behind the his baby
grand(which he been tickling all night) and plays the harp, the last note
playing. I saw a Shooting Start tonight....
Americanarama is a Shooting Star. Catch it if you still have a chance
before it slips away. Thanks Bob See you next time.


Review by Carl Donner

We had lovely weather and enjoyed the concert. We had really good seats
about 25 rows from the stage, and thanks to the older folks in the rows in
front of us, we could actually sit for much of the concert (not that we're
old folks however). A bit of a shock to pay $11 for a beer, but spose
that's crowd control. Got there in time for much of the MMJ set, the
highlight of which for me was a very faithful cover of Don't Do It--made
me feel I was watching The Band. I'll have to listen to more of their
music, but overall impression is that they are a jam band which is ok, but
there are plenty of jam bands. Wilco was pleasant enough, but the
highlight of their set was when MMJ came out for a rockin' cover of
Cinnamon Girl.

As for Mr. Dylan, a mixed bag, I'd have to say. Bob is definitely looking
old on stage. Funny old man mannerisms, moving very slow, his dapper white
suit and black pants look like they are swallowing him. He does this funny
old person thing with both hands on his hips, looking at the
audience--apologies if this is too much attention to his stage presence.
Very little interaction with the band who looked like school children
trying to make sure they didn't miss any notes (ha ha) from the blackboard
as the absent-minded teacher noodles on the board.

His voice is what you expect. The main problem for me is he played a lot
of the songs on a baby grand piano. It was too loud in the mix and muddied
the sound, and he played it (sometimes off key) like a lead instrument
which gave the band fits trying to figure out what to do with his time.
Really off-putting on songs like Desolation Row which *have* to be played
with the old bar stand up piano (I think I've heard him sing that in one
of the 6 concerts I've seen--sorry, didn't stand out to me). The band
found it's footing on the swing numbers like a juke joint version of Blind
Willie McTell and Summer Days. Early Roman Kings was a pedestrian "I'm a
Man" blues number (ba ba' ba bum). TUIB was a sad mess. Couldn't
understand most of the lyrics enough to hear the changes. The grand piano
was totally out of place in that song. Shooting Star was nice, but
probably should have done the usual AATW encore song to end on a high
note. The others were ok, but again, someone should take a hammer to his
piano. His harp was clear and strong, if not overly complicated. I felt
sorry for the band who mostly huddled on the left side of the stage,
barely moving or taking their eyes off the master. Lead guitar not nearly
as good as Charlie or Denny. The stage was warmly lit giving it an
intimate feel for a mid-size venue. We noticed he wasn't wearing a hat
which I liked. He's a good hat wearer and looks good in them, but nice to
see his white Dylan-fro.

I do fear he doesn't have too many tours left in him, but guess you never
know with him.

Carl Donner


Review by Zenarrow

Traveled from Wyoming to see the Dylan show. Have to admit I was a bit
apprehensive about the repeat  setlist and rotating guitarist's.  Was
pleasantly surprised to take note of Charlie's return in the last few
shows. But first things first, I absolute almost did a backflip when I
heard that Wilco would be an opener for Dylan, albeit a little scared that
both their set lists may be abbreviated. Arrived in time to see Ryan
Bingham finish up his set, great artist. My Morning Jacket next, and from
reading reviews knew they would be a great show as well. Wilco came on,
and I was wondering how they could live up to MMJ with such a great
show….but not only did they meet but exceeded  my expectations.  I have
been a Wilco fan for years and maybe I benefited from knowing all the
songs. Saw them in 2011 at Red Rocks and was again very excited to see
them again. These guys are true musicians and Jeff Tweedy is a Jerry
Garcia in waiting. How these guy's are still somewhat underground is
beyond me.  But Why I am here is to review Dylan as the header of this
festival. As stated in another review of this night here on this site I
too left a little disappointed, may be my last show until I hear that that
piano is completely destroyed and burned to the ground. Was waiting for
Charlie to open up and rip apart some of this songs, and believe me he
tried. But every time he even tried to jam, Bob would throw a brick at his
piano and completely drown out every ounce of creativity being offered. I
have been to, a "few shows" four in 2012, the first was in Missoula first
US date of the summer/fall tour.  I was completely and utterly in awe of
that show, and the sentiment continued to the 2 Bloomfield shows in
Denver, especially the 2nd night. Saw the last show in Brooklyn, and not
completely turned off but could see a sea change taking place. Is there no
one who is able to talk to Bob and give him some tough love on what is
taking place? This band has their hands tied, a true asset to Dylan and he
is squandering it away. During the show I kept looking back and and to the
side of me and seeing the crowd dissipate. And honestly I cannot blame
them, and I understand with MMJ and Wilco may not be the same crowd to
stick around for Dylan. I was almost embarrassed for him and his band.
A sharp contrast to the 2010 show in Casper Wyoming, when John 
Mellencamp opened and the park suddenly became packed when Dylan 
started, and thus they slated the crowd.  When I looked back after MMJ 
the amphitheater filled to the maximum for Wilco. Maybe it was a coincidence 
but a double rainbow appeared after a short rainfall during Wilco's 3rd of 
4th song. As my wife and I left the show the same sentiment was shared, 
a lack luster performance by Dylan but was truly made up by a outstanding 
performance by Wilco.  I will travel to the nearest city to see Wilco, as they 
made this show tolerable.  And in their own right the masters of this 



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