Vancouver, British Columbia

Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena

July 25, 2017

[Don Helling]

Review by Don Helling

I headed north from northwest Washington State to see Bob at Rogers
Arena in one of my favorite cities. I wasn't disappointed. I haven't
been following the current tour, so I was pleasantly surprised by a few
changeups in the arrangements of songs. The crowd was appreciative, even
though the photo security was annoying, shining bright flashlights into
the crowd all through the show. Things started off with Things Have
Changed, his Oscar looking on from behind the piano. I have come to
believe that Summer Days is one of the most underrated songs in his
repertoire. I've seen it performed numerous times, often with very jazzy
instrumentation, and this time around it was given a bouncy countrified
treatment. Very nice. All-in-all the mix was solid with bob classics,
Tempest songs, and the latest Sinatra-style songs. To me Blowing in the
Wind was the best version that I have heard in a while, and the versions
of Tangled and Desolation Row were also very good. The band was tight,
with Charlie closely following every move Bob was making on the piano
which made for some nice interplay between the two. 
In addition to the show I was able to stay one block away at a nice hotel
and hit a couple of outstanding vegan restaurants before heading back to
Bellingham this morning. Here's hoping that he adds a west coast tour and
I'm able to see him again in Seattle, but if not, I am definitely
satisfied with last night's performance.


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