Bridgeport, Connecticut

Webster Bank Arena

July 19, 2013

[CSK], [John & Cindy Harrity], [Dweezil Dylan]

Review by CSK

What a great show

Ryan Bingham wasn't bad

My Morning Jacket is a disgrace - a giant f*** you to them for their ear damaging 
decibal levels - some people like them, then again, some people like Marmite
- went to the lobby to save my hearing

Wilco was truly fantastic, what a great band - some really great versions of songs 
with some backup singers left over from the Mass MOCA shows - including a Kinks 
cover, a number of rare songs, and some great solos & jams - truly captured the 
spirit of the thing

I wasn't terribly impressed with Bob 2013 at Amherst, though many liked it, I 
frankly wasn't looking forward to a static setlist, but I was very wrong

Bob comes out with no hat, looking like Dont Look Back with wild hair, very perky,
is he really 72? He had such energy tonight but he started fairly low & quiet on 
THC getting his bearings, looking around with darting eyes, as if he just woke up 
(maybe he had) and the song really worked in a quiet menacing way
- an excellent start

Not really enough guitar on Love Sick, but it brings out the best in Bob, he needs 
to stand out, feels the urge to sing well and act out the part - lots of dancing, 
interaction with band members - song wraps up solidly

High Water has a nice groove, new guitarist gets his first real licks, and its a nice 

Soon After Midnight, new guitarist sounds a bit offkey - his only real hiccup, but 
always nice to hear this sneakily evil melody

Early Roman Kings sort of bores me, but it catches a groove in an oddly simplistic 
way - you just have to trust in Bob, by songs end the groove sort of works, this 
song will continue to morph you can tell

Then its Tangled and the concert, already solid, enters a very high level and 
stays there the rest of the night

The new lyrics are interspersed with the original - would be cool if he did this on 
other songs too

My first Duquesne Whistle is great & catchy, very much welcome

She Belongs To Me with Bob center stage - really, can you ask for anything else?
And with a sort of new groove that works well

Beyond Here Lies Nothin - that one was quite good in Amherst, Duke had his 
moments but he is not missed at all musically - the band catches a nice groove 
here - I know I'm using the word groove a lot, that really was the essence of the 
show - each song had a real energy & quality to it that was unmistakable

A really really good Hard Rain followed - Bob's choice of cascading lines working 
very nicely indeed

By far the best Blind Willie McTell I've seen followed, Bob in a serious, yes, groove
here, perfect harmonica, dancing & telling it like it is

Simple Twist was spectacular, quiet, wistful, Bob's harmonica runs towards the 
end, poetic, amazing

then a nice slight setlist variation in Thunder which rocked & settled into a very 
good jam towards the end

followed by 

a Blind Willie Johnson gospel song - oh yeah - like Charlie & Larry days of yore

Watchtower without any real lead guitar, Bob leading jams on piano & the Blowin 
encore with Bob blowin his harp full bore at the end perfectly ending what was a 
truly great display



Review by John & Cindy Harrity

What a great show by the Master!
Bob's voice was in great shape.  The sound mix had his vocals from and
center, and they did not falter, fade or get stuck in a two-note range. He
sounded great! My wife and I have seen Bob maybe half a dozen times over
the past several years -- nothing compared to the road warriors who have
been on a never-ending road trip along with Bob and the band.  But enough
shows to know this was one of the best we have seen. We were excited when
Bob came on-stage without his hat, and with his grey head of hair
radiating out almost like his younger image from Volume 1 of Greatest
Hits.  He seemed energetic and ready to roll -- and launched into "Things
Have Changed.|"  Sounded good. I do not want to do a song-by-song
description; there are others with much more expertise than I who can do
that analysis. All the songs were well-rendered.  "She Belongs to Me" was
a stand-out for me, along with "Hard Rain."  We were pleased when Jim
James and Jeff Tweedy joined Bob on singing "Let Your Light Shine on Me,"
by Blind Willie Johnson. Some reviews of earlier shows ended with the
writer vowing "Never again!"  I do not know what the early leg of the tour
was like.  But last night in B-port, Bob was in high gear and a joy to
see.  The crowd roared and nobody bailed.  Bob gave us as great time. Note
on the rest of the show:  Ryan Bingham is a great find: we would see him
again.  Wilco was brilliant -- they can really make some music.  My
Morning Jacket was good at times but seem to be getting lost in the weeds
with sonic tones and feedback.  They should put away the hookah and the
Radiohead cd's for a while and get back to the music.

John & Cindy Harrity  


Comments by Dweezil Dylan

First off I am so very glad that the show was moved from the outdoor
ballpark to the indoor arena. CT is in the middle of the hottest most
humid summer on record. Smart move. The 3 opening acts were just ok in my
opinion. Nothing terrible but nothing exciting. Bob was in good form
throughout the show. The new guitarist was good and I expect will get
better if he remains in the band. I wonder what's going on with that
position. Where's Charlie? How about Larry Campbell? Anyway, I was
pleasantly surprised by Bob's delivery and energy. I do wish he'd vary his
set from night to night as I would be encouraged to see multiple dates on
the tour. I've logged my 58th show and can't wait for the next go around.
Bless you Bob.


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