Darien Center, New York

Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

July 18, 2013

[Wilson], [Mo Ritz]

Review by Wilson

Having seen bob at art park last august, buffalo state in april and now
darien lake in july, it is somewhat surprising to see he's hit the buffalo
market three times in so short a period (with a Toronto throw in to boot)
but it was a real treat.

Having seen the opening of this tour in april at what was an amazing show
and having read a lot of bad reviews of late, it was incredible to see as
good, if not better a show for a somewhat sparse but typically
appreciative group, than that which kicked off the tour.

There's no need to go through song by song.  the changes in the set since
the opening have been duly notes as has the personnel changes.

Nice to see him perform the entire show sans chapeau.

His energy was great, his voice as good as has been, the band tight.
Needless to say it's not dark yet.



Review by Mo Ritz

Amaericanarama Festival 2013 rolled into western NY on July  18.   
Darien Lake Performimng Arts Center ...leaves a lot to be desired.  I had 
managed up until last summer to avoid this venue at all costs.  But found my
self on the dirt patch of a lawn last summer as my daughter had won tickets 
to the Def Lepoard, Posion, Lita Ford show...the bands were okay but the 
venue as I mentioned before leaves a lot to be desired .  Darien Lakes 
reputation of sucking and being Fan unfriendly loomed large in my mind as 
I purchased tickets for this show...but I thought I'd give it a shot and try 
out seats this time.

My date was called away to the big Apple and so I was left to either go it 
alone or invite a guest.  That was no easy task, as I asked and disclosed the 
location..dread loomed.  NOT DARIEN LAKE IT'S THE WORST!  Take note 
Live Nation, pretty please and boycott this shed and pass it by.   So with my 
big siister in tow off we went to The Americanarama Festival on the sixth 
day of a heat wave.  I was insulted in the parking lot by the Darien Lake 
Parking attendant employee... Really? Shame on you!  The heat was 
oppressive, and so we stuck with $4.50 waters and chunks of ice that the 
gentleman wrapped in a napkin for us , thanks!  On a day like this you would
think maybe bottles of water would have been supplied at no cost as to 
prevent any heat stroke..Yada , Yada , Yada.  

Our seats seemed okay dead center section 200 brought binoculars.  But 
then the four people in front decided to stand and didnt seem inclined to 
sit so we moved to a VIP box where a nice gentleman with a Live Nation 
polo shirt allowed us to remain for the evening.  Thank you for your 
compassion.  Kindness is key.  Although uncomfortably hot, the waitress 
brought us two waters $10. And two large cups of ice and "free" popcorn
nice and salty perfect on a hot day, but I gather the extra salt is added in 
hopes to sell large quantities of $13.50 24oz Beers.  But it helped to keep 
us hydrated and safe.

So now to the reason we came to this hole...The  AmericanaramA Festival!  
Whoo ya!  Never heard Ryan Bingham before.  We enjoyed his performance 
especially his fiddle player, who made me think a bit of Steve Wickham, but 

Next up was the jam band My Morning Jacket with lead singer Jim James 
sporting a towel on his head for some songs and a circus ring leader's jacket 
or not.  A group of talented musicians and we couldn't understand a word 
of what he was singing, unlike the West Palm Beach performance.  More 
water, more ice should we find shade good luck...not at Darien Lake. 
Next up was Wilco.  My big sister made me promise to count the guitar 
changes in Saratoga!  She was completely happy with this band as was I!  
Thank you for playing my favorite song! It made the whole trip to the hole 
called Darien Lake worth it!  And Peace Love and Understanding was a nice 

At dark, came Dylan.  I said to big sis, "dylan seems to only come out at 
dark these days!"  And knowing her soft spot for blood suckers... Of course 
she responded:  "maybe he is a vampire!  Lol!  He's a lot of things but I 
suspect Vampire is not in the mix.  But I would go see him play that part.
I had gifted her tickets to see Dylan at UB last April as she and her husband 
have long been fans of the man.  I attended my first Dylan show as a 
teenager with them.  She  enjoyed the show and thought he was in good 
form and really enjoyed The Duke, as did I .  Happy Trails Duke!  I explained 
to her what little I knew about the guitar player...which wasn't much.  I 
also told her that this outing is the same old setlist night after night with a 
few covers randomly thrown in at "special" locations.  Lord knows Darien 
Lake is no special location...and so NEW  for her and pretty much ditto for 
me (from the West Palm Beach Show).  Although, I did take note and 
enjoyed the new arrangements of High Water For Chuckie P and Blind 
Willie.  Nice!  I wished the little jam had lasted a few more minutes...after 
all the sun wasn't coming up to soon.  So with no surprises for me, I defer 
to my big sister's take on Dylan and his cowboy bands performance.  She 
relayed to her husband, that Dylan was in good voice, animated, rockin' 
and the band sounded good but the guitar player whoever he is seemed
nervous and kept looking at Tony & Stu for clues and back at Bob.  You 
really didn't hear him much but he seems like he is good.  He must be, he 
is after all on stage with Bob Dylan and part of his cowboy band.  We had 
a nice dance to Things Have Changed and I happily admit that I dig this 
rendition ! Bob looks good with his hair wild and free!  The years have
been kind to Mr. Dylan.  

We took our leave sadly at Blowin In The Wind as my big sister had told 
of the nightmare experiences and deaths upon the exiting of this hole of 
a venue.  A 2 hour drive east was ahead of us and we were beat up by 
the heat and longed for the comfort of an air conditioned car.  Would 
have liked to have been able to stay for the song but these roads trips do 
not permit and so Blowin in the wind blew us to the car.  Overall I enjoyed 
the Palm Beach show over this show.  Perhaps it was Bill Weir joining in 
and that it was my first opening night of the NET, I don't know.   This in 
no way means that these bands did not perform as well, they were on fire 
and I felt too hot.  Thankful to have the opportunity to attend a second 
AmericanaramA Festival and looking forward to more which I already know 
will be better because they aren't going to be at the hole of a venue 
which is Darien Lake. Thank you for all the music enjoyed every note of it 
despite the oppressive heat and terrible venue.

Happy Trails!
Mo Ritz


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