Raleigh, North Carolina

Paul Simon

July 14, 1999

All-Tel Pavilion At Walnut Creek

  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  2. Can't Run But
  3. The Boy In The Bubble
  4. The Coast
  5. Trailway Bus
  6. Mrs. Robinson
  7. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
  8. Further To Fly
  9. Graceland
  10. The Cool, Cool River
  11. Slip Sliding Away
  12. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
  13. You Can Call Me Al


  14. Late In The Evening
  15. Still Crazy After All These years
  16. The Sound Of Silence (duet with Bob Dylan)
  17. That'll Be The Day/The Wanderer (Medley with Paul Simon)
  18. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (duet with Bob Dylan)

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