St. Paul, Minnesota

Midway Stadium

July 10, 2013

[Julie Gustafson], [Craig Planting]

Review by Julie Gustafson


For me, last night's Bob Dylan concert will forever be categorized as "A
Simple Twist of Fate."

First, who could have asked for a more beautiful day than yesterday? The
sun, breeze and the landscape of Midway Stadium only added to the theme of
the Americanarama Tour. Richard Thompson took the stage at 5:30 for a
small set. I was not too familiar with Thompson as an artist, but was
impressed with his guitar and vocals.

Next, My Morning Jacket played a set. Ok, I have to admit, I was truly
only at Midway to see Bob, so MMJ and Wilco were a little boring for me,
however they helped fate along last night.

While sitting in the stands, anticipating Bob's set as Wilco played, I was
talking with my mom. Suddenly mom turns to me and says, "Hey, is that
Charlie Sexton?" and yes, mom was right, there was Charlie Sexton about 10
feet from us! It was fate, I couldn't believe it. As Bob would say, "well
I had to move fast..." to catch Charlie. I touched him lightly on the arm,
and told him I loved his music. He shook my hand and said, "Thank you."

I grabbed my mom from the stands and we went on the field to see if we
could see Charlie again, we did! We told him how excited we were to have
seen he was on Bob's bill again. My mom said, "I don't know what happened
with Duke..." Charlie said, "Neither do I!" and laughed. He even signed
our tickets. Charlie is such a nice, down to earth guy. What a treat to
have met such a wonderful musician!

Finally, Bob took the stage starting with his Academy Award winning song
"Things Have Changed." The band sounded great, all their different sounds
blended together in harmony. I know Bob's voice is often subject for
scrutiny, but I found it pleasing, and clearer than I've heard it in times
before. I really have come to enjoy the songs of Tempest, "Soon After
Midnight" is such a lyrically clever song and is even better in a live
setting. I often find myself wondering how Bob creates his phrasing, how
his mind operates, only to realize I'll never know. I think this is why I
enjoy Bob so much, he is a mystery!

Bobby Vee was in the crowd last night as well, and Bob payed homage to him
by singing "Susie Baby" what a great tribute, excellent song.

Bob wrapped up the night with "All Along The Watchtower" and "Blowin' In
The Wind." In other reviews, I have read thoughts of the band being a
brotherhood, this was evident throughout the entire concert. All the music
was executed like a meaningful dance, rhythmic and beautiful.

Bob didn't introduce the band last night, and at the end of the concert
they stood together at a corner of the stage, silently yet happily, as if
they were taking the crowd in one last time to make a memory. All in all,
last night Bob was great. We are truly blessed to be alive in his time.

Julie Gustafson


Comments by Craig Planting

Dylan sounded great tonight. Late in the set he said something to the 
effect of: "I've played all over the world since I left here and I've
shared stages with all kinds of people. I've shared stages with Madonna
and Mick Jagger, but no one is more beautiful than Bobby Vee who is
actually here tonight. Perhaps you could show your appreciation of the
man with a round of applause." Dylan then did a fun, playful cover of
"Suzie Baby" in tribute to Vee. The weather was perfect, the weed smelled
good and the freight trains rolled by just to the left of the stage. 

Craig Planting
Minneapolis, MN


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