Duluth, Minnesota

Bayfront Festival Park

July 9, 2013

[Charles Cicirella]

Review by Charles Cicirella

I wasn't even planning on going to Duluth or St. Paul, but after Columbus,
Ohio was cancelled it was a done deal. I have to just quickly mention that
I met someone while waiting in line in Duluth. Of course those kinds of
things will happen when you show up at 7:30am. She just wants to be
friends and that is absolutely cool because I am just so excited to have
met someone with such a keen sense of herself and how odd she truly is.
Odd is the new awesome.

Bob Dylan in Duluth, MN and looking at that on paper you'd of course think
a great show is a foregone conclusion, but the thing is it wasn't just a
great or exemplary show; no it was an out of sight, blazing wunderkind,
blow your doors off kind of performance and the funny thing is his being
in Duluth, MN probably had nothing to do with it because Bob is funny that
way. I am no fashion reporter, but the sequined (I believe it was green,
but not entirely sure) shirt he was wearing (one I'd not seen before) was
really snazzy and did help set the mood. People ask all the time how can
you do multiple Bob shows and my answer always is because every show is a
completely different animal. Allow me to explain. Previous to Duluth I had
done Cincinnati, OH (an outstanding performance) and Noblesville, IN (the
most disengaged I have ever seen Bob Dylan) and even with no changes in
the set the performances each night were completely unique from one
another. I'd guess Van Gogh did not stand in front of the easel exactly
the same way when painting, nor did he put the paint on the canvas the
same way twice and Bob well when he is up there on stage it is something
new being created each and every night. The man is fully present and that
is why I'd guess Noblesville was what it was because Bob was just not in
the moment and instead of faking it (which I doubt is even ever an option
for this song and dance man) he'd rather just be himself and leave the
acting to the people who have no clue what it really means to be an
entertainer. During "Things Have Changed" when he delivered the line "I'm
in the wrong town, I should be in Hollywood" the way he delivered "I'm in
the wrong town" then stepped back from the mic chuckled and then stepped
back up to the mic and delivered the rest of the line was so priceless and
made you realize he knows exactly where he is and perhaps he is having
just as great a time as we all are. And that's the thing when he is up
there enjoying himself on stage it realty is apparent and really does take
the performance somewhere else entirely. 

I am so thrilled that my friend and I decided to go out to Minnesota and I
think from now on when Bob and his band is in those neck of the woods I'll
make the trek out there because the ether is rarified in those parts and
that is without question the truth and nothing but the truth so help me

Charles Cicirella


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