Montreal, Quebec

Centre Bell

June 30, 2017

[Alexander Leik], [Joseph Curzi]

Review by Alexander Leik

The third show of this 2017 summer jaunt through Canada was a very
pleasant surprise that found our hero very animated and focused. This is
only the 2nd time I have seen Bob outside of the USA, and again it was a
treat to experience with an audience that seems so much more appreciative
than the ones back home, most likely due to the less frequency with which
they are able to see Bob perform.  I'll admit the static set lists had me
wondering if I wanted to see a show this summer. But after deciding back
in April on a brief family vacation to Montreal for the first weekend in
July, it seemed more than just a coincidence that our paths would cross.
So 2 tickets were purchased and me and the step-daughter took in another
show, our first since the Wolftrap nights last summer.  There were some
real standouts during this show, Don't Think Twice was quickly recognized
and received a great country swagger, with our hero in fine voice after
dusting off the chords with Thing Have Changed opener. Highway 61, while
not a surprise in the set list, was a huge surprise in terms of energy and
tempo. It was a hard rocker, and Bob was loving it, grooving and grinning
from ear to ear. For me, the highlight of the night was the new country
swing version of Summer Days. Again, seen it on the set list, but was not
ready for what I heard, and it was incredible. Donnie's violin breaths new
life into this L&T classic, and I don't know if I ever want to hear the
studio version again after hearing this. A real country treat!!  Duquesne
Whistle had me watching George & Charlie closely...George is so quick,
adept, skillful. He uses these sticks that have dual heads, and flips them
mid beat depending on which head he needs for sound, Its incredibly
impressive. Charlie reminded me of Keef more than a few times tonight,
especially on this song...the way he holds and strums on the neck instead
of over the body. But then he still plays the sublime Sleepwalk-esque solo
from Soon After Midnight, as simple as it may sound, a true instrumental
highlight every time I see it.George took over again on That Old Black
Magic, man what a great pick for Bob and it was a treat to watch George
work on this one.

I am very glad I went to this show, well worth the time. Perhaps Bob is
just happy to be out of the US and daily drama of our political world,
something had him in top shape this evening. I hope it continues for
another few weeks.


Review by Joseph Curzi

So , here we are again at a Bob Dylan concert but this time  he is in our
own back yard , the Bell Centre in Montreal .  He looked and sounded great
!! (  no Bolero hat ...thank God ....... and in a splendid white jacket )
.    Most of the show he sat behind his Grand Piano (. He plays it pretty
good , though ) me , he looked like his" Highway 61 "days but my
fellow Dylanologist  Mike said he looked like the Empire Burlesque Bob . 
Which ever way you see him , he looked awesome .  My highlights ( as the
Senoir Citizen ) were the few 60's songs: esp..... Highway 61 Rev...,
Desolation Row  ..and the 70 's standard " Tangled ...."  Mike's favorites
were some of the Tunes from "The Tempest" era .....I don't blame him
though ....he is a younger man ....All in all ......we really enjoyed the
show .....The band was really tight .... the sound was clear and crisp
.... The crowd was pretty tame and polite ...The venue was  pretty well
full ....Bob can still pack them in a Hockey Arena ....???Anyhow he can
still pull it off ( he is a living Legend  for sure ,,,)....So Bob , "keep
on keeping on as you head to another joint " and we will come back to see
you if you pass through here again and may you stay "Forever Young" ......
 Oh , as we walked back to our vehicles via Ste. Catherine Street after
having seen the Circus , we saw that the Beauty Parlor was full of sailors
and that we were in fact on Desolation Row

Giuseppe from the land of the Poutine


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