Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 06/18/99


Concord, California

June 18, 1999

Concord Pavilion

Review provided by Stephen Williams

    I saw Dylan when he was last in Concord last September with Van Morrison
and Lucinda Williams.  Last Friday's was a tighter, more moving performance.
The show featured seven of Dylan's most "popular" songs- "Don't Think
Twice", "Times They Are a-Changing", "Like a Rolling Stone", "All Along the
Watchtower", "Lay Lady Lay", "Knocking on Heaven's Door", and "Tangled Up in
Blue."  Somehow he managed to bring relevance to "Times..." as the
apocalyptic message rang through all the good ole nostagia.  Same with the
electrified "All Along the Watchtower."  For me the only one of the seven
that fell flat and sounded like he was such going through the motions was
"Tangled Up in Blue."  "Don't Think Twice" was particularly moving as was
his final encore, a reminder, perhaps, to his ever worshipful fans, "It
Ain't Me, Babe", sung more as a gentle rebuke than a biting snarl as he
performed it back in '74 with the Band.  All in all, it was a performance
that to me seemed real, heartfelt, and finally struck emotional and
intellectual chords for me as Dylan, at his best, has always done.  Finally,
his his duet with Paul Simon on the great "Sounds of Silence" was one of the
nights best highlights.  

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