Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 04/29/99


Graz, Austria

April 29, 1999


Review provided by Carsten Wohlfeld

After two quite hectic days we enjoyed a day in sunny Graz, a rather nice
city with beautiful old buildings and tiny streets. We went to see one of
the main attractions, The Schlossberg and the Uhrurm and climbled all 400
steps to the top of the mountain. Call it practicing for Ischgl...:-) Graz also
has a soccer stadium that actually is called Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadion
Graz. Can you belive that? I didn’t until I saw it! Right next to it is the
Eishalle, an ugly concrete block of a hockey arena that easily rates as one
of the worst venues Dylan has ever played in Europe. The sound was
unbelievably bad, but we got to hear and see a fun show nevertheless, when Bob and
crew took to the stage at 8.15pm in the venue that was about 2/3 full.

  Friend Of The Devil (acoustic)

opened proceedings as expected and was much better than the night before.
Not only did Kemper get the ending right, Bob also played with the phrasing
of the song a lot more than usual, stretching certain words and lines,
something he continued to do during almost every song tonight. He also wore his
„Newport Comeback" shirt, the black one with the white dots. The stage rush
(this was the first all seated venue since France) happened as soon as the
lights went down. „Mr Tambourine Man" could’ve been next but instead we got
the very, very welcome

 The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (acoustic)

which sounded not as amazing as usual, but still pretty good. The band
seemed to need time to get into the right groove and Bob had to  struggle with
the words a little. But I’m not complaining as „Hattie Carroll" is among my
top 3 Dylan songs of course. It thought that it was a strange way to open a
show though: First a cover and then „ ain’t the time for your tears".

 Masters Of War (acoustic)

was „Masters". Fortunately nobody was clapping along tonight. The crowd
was a little older than the very young audience in Ljubljana, but also less
enthustastic of course.

 One Too Many Mornings (acoustic)

Wonderful as always and I knew it hardly could get any better now. Only
four songs into the set Bob had already played three of my favourites from his
current repertoire. I was very happy indeed.

 Desolation Row (acoustic)

was even better as it was very, very, VERY fast and even though I thought
at the beginning that Bob maybe would have troubles keeping the pace, this
turned out to be a rocking version, almost as energetic as „Tangled", which,
coincidentally, was next.

 Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

was „Tangled"

 Girl From The North Country (acoustic)

The „lowpoint" of the acoustic set, even though it was still a lovely
performance. Actually this was the acoustic set I always had hoped to hear one
day. Only favourites of mine and all very nicely done. 

 Can’t Wait

the pensioners version, veeeeeeery slow and not at all fitting as the
opening song of the electric set. It was better than the night before, but still
sounded mighty out of place in this slot.

 Not Dark Yet

followed and this was probably the best version ever. Very carefully sung
and played and it received the audience reaction it deserved as well.

 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

Much better than last night’s, even though the lack of change was somewhat
disappointing. He sang all the verses loud and clear and had no trouble
remembering the words whatsoever. One of the highlights of the second half!

 Make You Feel My Love

he came crawling down the avenue and I couldn’t care less. Band intros
followed - his only speech tonight, as he didn’t even say thank you once, as
far as I remember.

 Highway 61 Revisited

Again it featured a very nice (and long) solo courtesy of Larry. No clue
where he get the ideas to play a different solo every single night, but it
works out quite well! Then they left...

 Love Sick

very good version, probably the best on this part of the tour. The right
pace, nice phrasing and it didn’t sound as rushed as many of the recent

 Maggie’s Farm

was a welcome change, but the version was less than perfect. Larry made it
kinda interesting though, cause he played the melody from „The Girl Can’t
Help It" as the solo!!!

 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (acoustic)

Bob’s excuse to give us his only harp solo of the night. I’d much rather
hear this song, um,  twice every night than one „Blowin’"...:-) 

 Not Fade Away

was „Not Fade Away". Buddy Holly is watching you.

 Like A Rolling Stone

followed again and today it was a lot slower (= worse). It started
veeeeery slow but Tony told David to speed it up with the first drum roll. And he

Again, the show lasted for about two hours and the acoustic set was just
awesome. If the electric set would have had a little more variation, this
show would probably rank among the best I’ve ever seen. Even though tonight Bob
put more into the performance of the songs rather than the interaction with
the audience, I’ve rarely seen him as happy as on this European tour. My
thanks to our host Robert in Vienna an you for reading this. Stay tuned for
more from Vienna!

carsten wohlfeld (
„it’s irrelevant, i’m an elephant and she’s a mouse" (smudge)

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