Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 04/22/99


Barcelona, Spain

April 22, 1999

Palau Municipal dels Esports

Review provided by Antonio Terni

We tried to find a new glass for the car's window but it was not possible
in Zaragoza, so we drove to Barcelona with the wind invading the car for
300 km. Sometimes is usefull to have with you a Leopard skin pillbox hat to
protect your head from the spanish fresh air. In Barcelona was not possible
to find a glass either so we put some plastic instead which took us safely
home. We spent two hours trying to find a hotel but as it seemed impossible
we were ready to leave Barcelona after the concert when finally we found a
hotel very near to the venue.
We were supposed to have 2nd row tickets, but in fact the seats were not
near the stage and so we went on the floor but we were only in third row.
Not bad after all. While waiting we met an italian guy, Carlo, who, as we
discovered, was a friend of a friend of mine and in fact we already knew
each other without actually having ever met. 
Andres Calamaro played his usual show but,as it was his last show in this
tour, he seemed quite sad about having to leave. The audience was very
enthusiastic and for a couple of seconds we had the impression that
Calamaro's fans were more than Dylan's. So long Andres, maybe one day Bob
will open for you!
Cocaine Blues opened the concert. Never heard it alive before; it is quite
good but I prefere the original version. At n 4 It's all over now Baby
Blue, one of my favourites, very impressive although the words seemed quite
mixed up. Then Carlo called for Mama and he got it! One Too many Mornings
was waited by Sandro since the first show and he got it. (I had to wait to
the very last song of the concert to get my song but I got it as well.)
I'll be your Baby Tonight and To be Alone with You were the two unusual
songs of this concert  and show how wide Bob's repertoir has become in this
tour. At every concert you get a surprise, how different from last summer
where he was playing just a handfull of songs. 
And finally I got Like a Rolling Stone, the perfect closing of a concert,
especially after three Maggie's Farm. Everything was great in this
performance, the voice, the music, the rythm and people went mad. The
second highlight of my personal spanish tour, after VOJ of course.
So the three of us were happy having had our songs and we went to a
restaurant were we had the worst paella of our life. You must always give
something back for something you get...

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