Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 04/21/99


Zaragoza, Spain

April 21, 1999

Pabellón Príncipie Felipe

Review provided by Antonio Terni

During our lazy drive to Zaragoza we met three times the black trucks leading the 
equipment of the band. We met them three times because between one meeting 
and the other we stopped somewhere to feed our tired bodies with paellas, tapas 
and stuff like that: God bless Spain for it's gastronomics features!

Arriving in Zaragoza we found signals indicating the PabellÚn Principe Felipe and 
we decided to have a look. When we arrived the doors were open as the staff was 
putting the stage together. The truck with the stage must have arrived the day before 
as in Murcia there was no need for a stage. So we went in and found the best way to 
the stage, which is very usefull when you have to run and have dozens of fans wild to 
rush to the first row. But as we are good people, the day after,while queueing we told 
everybody where to run and we lost all our knowledge advantage but we made a lot 
of good friends. I'm sure Bill Gates would not have behaved that way!

While queueing we met Ignacio, a motorbiker from Ibiza and Elena, a charming girl 
from Huerta, both very friendly and nice, so queue was a fun after all. Around 5 pm a 
golden bus arrived and we had the opportunity to shake hands with Larry, Bucky and 
Tony. They were very friendly and treated us without the suspiciousness you would 
expect from Bob Dylan's band. In fact all we really wanted to do was baby be friend 
with no need to be nasty.

At 8 doors opened, we run very quietly to the first row and waited for the concert in a 
very nice mood.  Bob opened with a song totally unknown to me: Oh Babe It ain't no 
Lie. A surprise but a good one. Tambourine and Masters led us to the most exciting 
part of the show, including Girl of the north Country and Hard Rain, both very moving 
and convincing. Tangled was obviously 6th but Blowin' was strangely 7th. The 
electric part began very well with Memphis and What good  Am I while I was quite 
disappointed with Til I Fell and Make you Feel which I consider a waste of electricity.
HW 61 as strong as ever closed the first part and the encores included Leopard 
(I lost my leopard scarf because of that) and a very nice version of It ain't Me Babe 
with a wonderfull harp solo. Maggie's Farm closed the concert and I think it is not the 
right song for that purpose. It makes you feel that something is missing somehow.

Then the game became rough: while eating an Estufado de Toro I was informed that 
Juventus had lost against Manchester and going to the car we discovered that 
somebody had broken a window glass and taken away my complete collection of 
Dylan's CDs. We went to the police and while we were there the thieves were taken 
into a room near where we were and beaten by the policemen. We could hear the 
sound of the kicks and the screams. That was not good at all. There is never need of 
violence, but in this case it was really ridiculous. They had only tried to steal a car, 
which is not nice but it is not a crime that deserves immediately punishment in a rush 
to have a confession. Well, this experience ruined the whole day which had been so 

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