Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 04/19/99


Murcia, Spain

April 19, 1999

Auditorio y Centro de Congresos de Murcia
Narciso Yepes Hall

Review provided by Antonio Terni

We were very excited arriving to Murcia, because for the first time we were going to 
assist to a concert in such a small place (less than 2000 seats) although I thought 
that if you are in first row it doesen't really matter how many people you have behind 
you. And I was wrong.  At  5 pm we went to the theatre to get our tickets and found 
some people we'd met at the previous shows who were looking for tickets but we 
couldn't help them. Fortunately they were all able to get a ticket later. 

After a short walk in the center of Murcia we went to the theatre for the concert. 
The Auditorio Narciso Yepes is very small, confortable and cosy, with large velvety 
seats alligned in semicircles around the stage so that everybody can have a 
perfect view wherever they are. The stage is much lower than usual, so sitting in 
the second row (toward the left as usual) we were at the same level as the band 
having the impression of sitting in our living room and having Bob & band playing 
for us at home.

When the concert started we had the impression that something was wrong. People 
clapped hands very politely but , with few exceptions, nobody seemed really 
excited. I suppose that the percentage of fucking VIPs who go to the concerts only
to show themselves was much higher than usual because of the small venue. Or 
maybe the fans were intimidated by the precious environtment they were sitting in, 
I don't know.

Anyway as the concert went on people started to get more involved and at a certain 
point somebody screamed "piel de gallina" ( I don't know how to express that in 
English, but it means the effect that a sudden emotion has on your skin) and Bob 
laughed at that.

The highlights of the concert were in my opinion a very sweet Tomorrow is a long 
Time, My Back Pages and Mama You Been on my Mind. Sandro had bought on 
the highway a set of fuses to ask for Tombstone Blues but the version we had 
tonight was not very inspired in our opinion. At the end we had only 15 songs, 9 of 
them acoustic ( maybe a sign of respect for the great guitarist Narciso Yepes) but 
three songs with harp. At the end,especially while Maggies Farm, Bob was 
constantly looking upwards at his right as if there was somebody special on that 
direction, but this altered the distance between his lips and the microphone, so 
that most of the words were not intelligible. 

So we went out very politely and slightly disappointed but a couple of beers and a 
big portion of Jamon Pata Negra raised up inmediately our spirits and we were 
ready for a day off and a slow drive towards Zaragoza where we don't have 
reserved seats so that we'll have to queue to get our first row position. On the road 

Antonio Terni

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