Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 04/08/99


Oporto, Portugal

April 8, 1999

Coliseu do Porto

Review provided by Daniela Barbosa and Dylan Orlando

at 9:40 bob hit the stage with a rousing you're gonna quit me
i can't speak for the back seats but no sound problems at all that 
usually plague the opener. by all accounts a perfect version
tambourine man was pretty much the same as last night-big ovation
next mama you been on my mind was sung awfully quiet-it was really 
nice and clear but bob tended to go way beneath the band in the mix 
during most of the lines. also a brief audience clap along ensued but 
was quickly abandoned after the first verse.
masters was greeted to  raucous applause very much unlike last night 
in Lisboa. in fact a whistler chose this song to make himself heard 
just adding to the passionate crowd-these portuguese like their bob 
and now the moment you've all been waiting for 4th time was 
spellbinding and if not for a miscue on the last line it would have 
been absolutely perfect. on the last line the band went to the minor 
chord change while bob sang "i never took much, never asked for your 
crutch now don't ask for mine" larry fingerpicked the bouzouki to 
start and for a split second i thought it was buckets of rain but 
hell he upped the ante with that one .
tangled was completely insignificant after a song like that. but the 
crowd absolutely loved it
no set break tonight
river flow was it's usual self
JLAW was, yet again, a standard played and sung with passion and 
meaning. another A+ version
tough mama was a lot slower than usual it had a jimmy reed riff to it-
I actually found it to be more interesting than the other version the 
song had some room to move. also had a innovation to the tag at the 
end of the verse.
simple twist was a pleasure to hear just another standard played 
well. larry, in particular, was good on this.
Memphis was memphis
Feel my love larry played a telecaster on this as usual-not a 
favorite of mine although played well i thought the best part was 
that it was short:-)
bob gave his intros and said something like this: "people always want 
us to play this and that, we can't play everything"
then tony mumbled something to the effect of "we CAN play everything"
and bob laughed responded "My bass player can play everything"
the rest of the show was high octane all the way it never let up and 
Larry especially tonight was on top of his game.
many times through the show i found myself especially drawn to 
larry's attack on the strings. bob gave some room and he utilized it 
while never being redundant or at all boring. 
while this show was obviously bob's night larry shined as well


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