Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 04/07/99


Lisbon, Portugal

April 7, 1999

Parque das Nações
Pavilhão do Atlântico

Review provided by Daniela Barbosa and Dylan Orlando

show started at precisely 9:44pm with a speedy roving gambler.
the up tempo gambler led to a moderately paced tambourine man.
no one cheered for roving gambler they simply had no idea what it was, 
but tambourine man got a huge cheer and even a few people tested their 
english and sang along briefly
he muffed a few lines of tambourine man and during the guitar solo bob 
and larry looked at each other to take the solo but neither really did
then a solid masters of war that got tentative applause. here is the 
million dollar question- was it that they don't like it or was it 
that they don't know it?
next a very nice north country- dare i say perfect? tangled.
then it happened it wasn't visions or gates of eden but he played 
tryin to get to heaven-  i had resigned this to the list of songs i'll 
never here i was more than glad to cross it off that list.
he hit a funky chord during the first minor chord "you broke a heart 
that loved you..." but after that it was perfect- slower than the 
album and bucky was clear as a bell with the pedal steel moanin' in 
the background.
next bob said "thanks everybody, we're gonna take a short break" and 
they walked off for 15 minutes

maggies was a little sloppy lyrically but as always tight musically
lay lady was real good just all around solid
blind wilie would have been perfect but he skipped the woman by the 
river verse, otherwise a stunner.
and by the way he said "i can tell ya one thing nobody can sing..."
just like a woman may have been the best electric song of the night 
and believe me it takes a lot for me to say that.
the way he phrased ect.. was breathing new life into a tune i'd heard 
him mumble his way through too many times. he did the harp over two 
istrumental breaks the first was lame the second he really picked it 
can't wait did it's thing just fine
rolling stone was another standard that was really done superb( i 
can't believe i'm saying that about that song)
the crowd, as expected, knew and loved anything on  greatest hits 
album and sat quiet and curious on more obscure numbers
lovesick had a ripping solo by larry another highlight of the evening
leopard skin was eh
blowin was all right but not as good as last tour-the crowd clapped 
along quite to my dismay.
hwy was a barn burner but no different than ended 11:28
in total it was better than the setlist lets on-quite good
two notes : the cue sheet had two different setlists on it(one that 
began electric and one that began acoustic)
and the crowd stood and rushed the stage from can't wait on(but no one 
got on the stage)-dylan

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