Rome, Italy

Auditorium Parco della Musica

April 3, 2018

[Laurette Maillet], [Tom Pruzinsky]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Eearly in the morning.
I walk the streets that are full of tourists  like in Barcelona.
The organisation is a bit more chaotic. 
The colliseo, the fountain of Trevis...the cars, the scooters  and the
noise. A breakfast of zucchini pizza and a strong espresso. The Youth
Hostel is not the best but not the worst either, well located by the
Termini (train terminal). The afternoon is time to relax before taking the
bus number 910 to the Parco de la musica, another of those Auditorium for
classic music. Bobcats concentrated for these 3 days in Roma, from over
Europe and even the States. I counted maybe 30! I say hello to some of
them and chat with others but I feel disconnected. I don't share any meals
and drinks and I will be the only one "begging " for a ticket. I focus on
the Italian crowd, a lot less snobish than Barcelona, more friendly, more
"human". Some are selling extra tickets for face value, though reasonable
for a certain standard,  still too much expensive for my project. A young
man tries to sell, first face value 97,75 euros, then 40 then go down to
20. Alright! It was not too hard. I walk in and check the venue. Nice
design but nothing like the extravagance of Barcelona. My seat is first
row on the Prima Galleria con Balaustra. I can see the stage very well and
I am on the side of the piano. I even see Bobby's fingers running on the
keys. I see the white of his boots under the black of his everlasting
pants. I see the numerous sheets of paper on the piano. I see the Oscar
and still 1 statue bust of a woman. I see Bob drinking from a cup posed in
front of Donnie's instruments. Bob has his regular pants and a long white
jacket. The setlist doesn't change from Barcelona except the seventh is
"Honest with me" and not "High water" which I would prefer. Some songs are
flooding in a patern of entrelaced spot lights. Donnie is on mandolin for
the "Early Roman kings " and violin for "Blowing in the wind ". No "Summer
days" tonight. Few times Tonny and Charlie will approach Bob to ask what
is the next song, as some are uncertain.  Bob changed already few songs
since the beginning of the Tour. The audience reacted enthusiasticaly when
Bob took the stage then was "polite". Not the extravagance I used to know
from the Italians. The venue is small. The encore put the first rows up
and touching the stage and the parter/floor too is finally rising on its
feet. When Bob leaves the stage it seams to me that he sends a kiss to
someone in the public, front. So HE was happy! That was a great show. I
appreciated every second for I never know when I will be IN next. I wait
for the 910 bus back and I start chatting with a young who was
disappointed not to hear "Mr. Tambourine man". I explain about Dylan
career and his public and Fans, and that Bob can't trully please ALL his
Fans during 1 show. Isn't it the reason why I go to so many? Anyway we
have a nice conversation, clear and open about Bob Dylan. I try to
convince him to come to the next shows... we'll see! I had a great day and
a happy end! Night night Bobby! See you tomorrow.


Review by Tom Pruzinsky

What a gift to be present at this performance. Mr. Dylan and his band were 
in exceptional form. Similar to so many performances over the past four years, 
Bob appears to be enjoying himself.

He also appears to be very clearly engaged. It seems clear that the shows are
important to him. His piano playing continues to be imbued with great energy.  
He seems to be playing it with his whole body/being. His articulation of lyrics
are as clear as I have been able to discern over the decades.

He continues to reinvent/rework songs in ways that exceed my powers of 
description.  I have been fortunate to attend many performances since he has 
been playing this general set list.  Yet, each performance is different. For 
example, Love Sick used to be almost shockingly lacerating.  Now, it is not as 
‘sharp’ but still just as intense and emotionally moving.

Tangled Up in Blue also keeps changing.  A highlight of the performance this 
evening was Mr. Garnier beaming as he looked toward Bob during this song
as if he thoroughly enjoyed and was awed by what/how Bob was playing it.  
To see him smile with such genuine delight was a thing of great beauty.

And, the whole band is a great joy to hear. Tight, connected, caring, and 
alive. They are NOT merely going through the motions. They are playing with 
exceptional skill, nuance, energy, emotion.   What a gift to hear/see them.

If you love/respect/enjoy the artistry of Mr. Dylan and you are thinking of 
attending a performance, just go.  Don’t think twice…..just go.  Just go.


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