Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 03/1/99


Las Vegas, Nevada

March 1, 1999

Rio Suite Hotel & Casino
Club Rio

Thanks to Gary Silverman for the following review:

The big night finally arrived. I was told  that this was  only the second corporate
sponsored event that Dylan has ever done throughout the everlasting tour.
First I would like to give thanks to my friend Barry "Sir Pockets" Thank god I met
you in Capri, I never thought this would happen, As well I would like to thank my 
new friends Barry and Gene owners of Lucky Brand Dungarees inviting me to this
once in a lifetime event and I challenge you both that our friend Bob will be a 
tough act to follow.

So off I fly from FREEZING Montreal Quebec Canada to  Beautiful Las Vegas to
possibly  meet my all time favorite musician.  I have been anticipating only the 
show never ever thinking that there may be an opening act, 6 days prior I was in 
Buffalo New York and saw a  tremendous double bill Natalie Merchant with her 
smile, her song writing ability ,vocals and storytelling personality impressed all 
who witnessed her Dylan who always shows signs of being a genius did 
however that night looked tired and Natalie stole the show . For this show I was 
delighted to hear that Dave Mason (ex Traffic member) would be opening. 
Witnessing  him sing classics like dear mr fantasy, feeling alright, and we just 
disagree were amazing the he said "this is for Bob and Jimi two legends" as he
broke into All along the watchtower. The crowd many of whom seem to have 
been from the sixties were mouthing all the words and enjoying the set, as I was 
except I was wondering now what will Dylan play in the  number 3 slot?

On to the main event 
The setting a small intimate night club, seating approximately 500 capacity 700. 
The lights dim the crowd starts to get excited the usual  voice says Ladies and 
gentelman …….He enters the stage wearing a black suit with a white (thick) stripe 
down the side, black and white cowboy boots
#1 Watching the river flow, he was swaying from the first note. Crystal clear
sound.  I knew from his manner  this early the set would be unique .

#2 Lay Lady Lay… What is going on? A Rarity?  Wow what a surprise ,What a 
treat! Wonderful version pronouncing all the words , smiling really  smiling! I have
never seen him this happy this early .

# 3 Stuck inside a mobile….I was hoping he would play it and yes it was worth it. 
Slowed down version the song went on and on the crowd was starting to really 
appreciate this legend.

#4 Just like a woman …Smiles and more smiles pronouncing every word clearer 
and clearer crowd now going nuts really playing with the chorus.

#5 Silvio I have heard it so many times time to find Jokerman again or just about 
anything else  decent version and kept the crowd on there feet singing 
(good time to take a bathroom break)

#6 Start of the acoustic set It aint me babe…Great guitar work he was almost 
dancing with his guitar I thought maybe the harp was about to come out except 
he delighted us a never ending solo that the crowd could not stop cheering 
Best version I have seen Toronto 98 encore.

#7 Mr Tambourine man….  Knee bends, the guitar was singing the entire crowd 
was in a sing song.

#8 Tangled up in Blue Can you believe this set? He forgot the second line 
recovered quickly the crowd was going wild dancing, cheering and singing along, 
Bob could not stop smiling and swaying . He was still having a great time after all 
these years of touring. I really respect you for being so true .

#9 Friend of the devil. I screamed it out as if he heard me. Fantastic singing and 
great background harmonies. Jerry would be so very proud.

#10 Make you feel my love.  One of only two new songs on the night. Country 
twang  great vocals as if he was singing to someone very special hoping she 
would feel his love.

#11 Intro to the band Highway 61-As usual Rockin version crowd in complete  
frenzy great toe tapping and usual head bobs to freak the crowd out. Then he  
blew a kiss to the crowd and said goodnight! How many of you have ever seen 
him do that? What could be next??

I thought this being a corporate event this might be it, I was glad to be wrong


#12 Love Sick second new one! A love song! So much passion , blew the 
Grammy performance away which was untouchable for those of you who saw it. 
Best version I have ever seen! Song of the night! His pain ,his passion, 
WHO MAY HE BE TALKING ABOUT . You had to hear him sing the last line

"I am sick of love
I wish I never met you
I am sick of love
I'm trying to forget you
Just don't know what to do I  give anything to be with you" DMLIMY

#13 Don't think twice its alright… Back to acoustic, vocals unbelievable, crowd 
still in a frenzy its getting better and better. I noticed the band looking at Dylan
all of them just smiling even they were in awe!

#14 Not fade away Any of you who have seen him play this you know what I 
mean. Buddy would be proud!  The crowd tried and tried I thought maybe but 
to no avail looking back what a set what a performance Lucky Brand Dungarees 
you should be proud of the show you put on thank-you for making me so lucky

Thanks for reading 
Gary Silverman

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