Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 02/02/99


Pensacola, Florida

February 2, 1999

Pensacola Civic Center

Thanks to Robby for the following review:

     My dad and I had a nice drive to Pensacola.  Funny thing happened
on the way.  As we turned off of Hwy 29 we saw a Tom Thumb food store.
Guess what song we were listening to?  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues.  I
got a kick out of that.

Enough of that.  Brian Setzer started at 8:10.  He put on an energetic
show.  The songs I recognized were (in no particular order, because I
forgot my pen and paper)  Let the Good Times Roll, Jump Jive an Wail,
Rock This Town, Stray Cat Strut,  and House is a Rockin.  He also did a
nice instrumental tribute to Buddy Holly.  Last night was the 40th
anniversary of "the day the music died."

The incense was lit, and the lights went out at 9:30.  The band looked
sharp.  Larry was wearing a coat with tails.  Bob was in his black suit,
with white piped pants, and black and white boots.  Tony was wearing
leather pants that were too tight, and Bucky was in an olive suit.
Couldn't see David.

Gotta Serve Somebody opened.  Pretty good version.  Bucky and Larry did
some nice back up vocals.  All the teenagers up front didn't recognize
it, (that goes for most of the show).  I miss the keyboards though.

Million Miles was next.  This song has such a mood to it.  I couldn't
tell much difference between this and the album version though.  I
enjoyed it.

Stuck Inside Mobile was number 3.  My dad was wanting to hear this,
because he hasn't heard it since November 96.  Bob always plays with the
phrasing, and he did on this one.  He also did a few head jerks that
were funny.  He was just starting to loosen up.  I think there were some
people from Mobile, because they screamed every time the city was

After a small discussion, Bob and the band started to play a big
suprise, Queen Jane.  And it was done beautifully.  I got really excited
after the first few lines because I remembered that he only played this
2 times in the last year.  What a treat!

Silvio rocked as usual.  I was hoping to hear something else though,
like Watching the River Flow.  Oh well.  Now on to the acoustic set.

The first song of the acoustic set was a HUGE suprise.   Bob played the
old traditional song, Rock of Ages.  I was shocked.  To my knowledge, he
hasn't played that at all on the Never Ending Tour.  It was beautifully
done, sort of mellow and gentle.

Masters of War came next.  This is a great song, very powerful.  It
wasn't as good and didn't get the crowd response as the November Atlanta
show though.  Maybe we should send Sadam Hussein a copy of that song.

Then came another treat, Friend of the Devil.  This finally got the
crowd going.  All the Deadheads were singing along.  Bucky's mandolin
adds a neat sound to this version.  He seemed to get into it.

Tangled Up in Blue was in its traditional spot.  The song started off
sort of lethargically.  It did get a nice response, as it always does.
No new/different verses tonight.  Towards the end, it picked up, and it
rocked (maybe a little longer because of no harmonica).

Bob then played the old Hank William's tune, Honky Tonk Blues.  I loved
it.  It was funny to hear Bob yodel a bit.  Very enjoyable.  I think
this is only the second time he has played it in 10 years.

A nice version of Cant Wait was next.  I don't have much to say about
this one.  It sounds really good live.  Again, Bob was doing some neat

Highway 61 rocked really hard.  I think Bob had a good time with this
one.  He seemed to keep it going longer than usual.  I guess they hit a
good groove.  As they were leaving, Bob slapped Tony on the back, and he
had a huge grin on his face.

They came back out and played Love Sick.  This song has come a long way
since its live debut.  A nice performance, despite the idiot who jumped
on stage in the middle of the song.  He was soon tackled (like Chris
Chandler was repeatedly in the Superbowl) and taken off.

Then came another treat, Everything is Broken, which he only played
twice last year.  The first time I heard this song was the new version
by Kenny Wayne Sheppard (?).  I like Bob's version better.  I was
suprised by this, because I was expecting Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat.

Blowin in the Wind was the acoustic encore.  I am not completely
convinced that I like this new arrangement, but I love the song.  The
crowd was singing along.

The last song of the night was Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away.  It was a
fitting tribute.  Bob has played this twice before this winter tour.  It
didn't quite have the same beat as the original, but I loved it.  A good
way to end the show.

Here are some other  thoughts-
I guess there was a crowd of about 5,000.  Bob only played about 90 or
95 minutes.  No harmonica.  Besides the "Thanks everybody" and band
intros, he said something about "playing in a place that is already
worked over," or something.  I couldn't completely understand him.  It
took Bob (and the crowd) a while to get into the show.  He made a few
faces and posed a good bit. Not as animated as I have seen him though.
This was my 5th show (give me a break, I am only 18).  Overall, it was a
good show.  All the suprises (4,6,10,14) were nice!   I tried to get a
cue sheet, but the roadies were rude.  They ignored everybody, and just
crumpled them up. Oh well.

I would like to thank Bill P for a great web site, and all the info.  (I
got a poster!)  I would also like to thank my dad for driving 5 hours to
go with me.  See ya'll in Birmingham.


"Mona Lisa musta had the highway blues, You can tell by the way she

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