Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 02/01/99


Tallahassee, Florida

February 1, 1999

Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center

Thanks to Brent McNeal for the following review:

We missed Brian Setzer, thanks to some idiot who snatched my friend's purse
right out from under her feet as we were having dinner before the show.
Hope you enjoyed the 7 bucks you got, dude.
Anyway, we were very excited to be on the floor and so close to the stage.
This was only my second show as I have only become a Bob fanatic in the
past few years. But, I've done a bit of homework, and had seen the November
Atlanta show, so I knew basically what to expect.
Bob opened with Gotta Serve Somebody, which was cool, though he seemed a
bit uncomfortable and stumbled a bit on the words. Million Miles followed,
and it seemed like he was warming up a bit. It was nice and moody. Next was
Watching the River Flow, which I didn't recognize in this arrangement til
he got to the chorus. It was good, a lot faster than the original. Blind
Willie McTell was a treat, and Bob's vocals were really strong on this one.
You could hear every word! Next was Silvio, honestly one of my least
favorite of his better known tunes, but the arrangement was pretty good. To
open the acoustic set, Bob chose Stone Walls and Steel Bars, which I had
only heard once before, in Atlanta. It was a nice, simple country tune- I
know it's a cover but I'm not sure who wrote it. Anyway, as soon as Bob
started strumming the chords to Desolation Row, people up front freaked
out. I don't know how often he plays this one, but it sure felt like a
treat!! His phrasing and the strange way he would go up at the end of each
verse made me smile the whole time! I can't say enough about how great it
was to see him play this song...
And, it was followed by the The Times They Are A' Changin, which the crowd
really loved- and believe it or not, Bob actually sang the original melody
of the chorus once or twice! By this time he was fully loose, smiling and
winking at individuals in the audience and puttin on some of his moves.
Tangled Up in Blue followed, and was awesome- especially when Bob put down
his acoustic and brought out the harp! He played a great solo, teasing the
audience the whole time, really putting on a show. As I've read in these
reviews before, this man surely is an entertainer! Next we got to hear
Honky Tonk Blues, which was a real surprise as well, since I don't know of
him playing this one much at all. I knew that he liked Hank Williams, and
it was hilarious to hear him on the yodeling chorus. What a treat! This was
followed by the nice groove of Can't Wait (electric), which seems to be a
favorite among the new ones. A blistering Highway 61 followed- I think Bob
forgot a few of the words, but recovered nicely.
The encore started with Love Sick, which sounded great, almost exactly like
the album, with Bucky mimicking the keyboard part. Leopard Skin was next,
really good as usual, with dueling guitars. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
(acoustic) followed that, and was another gem. What a nice version. I was
ecstatic, as this was the one i was hoping to see that night. As expected,
Not Fade Away was the closer, with great harmony vocals and a nice, Dead
like groove.
Bob's vocals, his gutbucket lead guitar, and his awesome stage presence
were all in effect at this show! Definitely a winner!

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