Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 01/30/99


Tampa, Florida

January 30, 1999

Ice Palace

Thanks to Kenny Davis for the following review:

 The crowd near the stage was an odd mixture of little neo-hippie chicks
and their boyfriends, and people in their late 40's and 50's. Bob was
making a concerted effort to be cool - you know, dancing a bit with a sly
smile on - visually connecting with one or two individual faces in the
crowd occasionally. Trying real hard to be mysterious, but coming up just
short, once in a while, unable to hide his sense of musical joy, which came
right through.  I thought his vocals were pretty good.  Quite crisp in fact
on some of the tunes.  "Cocaine" was the highlight of the night, musically
- real laid back, nice harmonies between Bob and Larry.  Larry's harmonies
were pretty flawless, and it can't be that easy, since Bob seems to make up
the phrasing as he goes along.  You could see the concentration there.
"Hard Rain" was also nice - seemed very in touch with the crowd. After one
song (I can't remember which one, unfortunately) he said "That was my
version of 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing'. I don't know how many folks
got the joke.  "Highway 61" shook the arena.  Dylan seems to enjoy
listening to Larry's guitar work.  Can't blame him for that.  Larry just
seems like an awe-struck kid - kind of like Flounder gushing "Wow, this
sure is great!" in Animal House - wait I'm dating myself - Oh well, I dated
myself for years before I met the wife. 
 Larry says that each night is just a very real reflection of how dylan is
feeling at that particular time.  That's his aim - to give a very real
artistic performance, not just a canned approximation of something on a
record.  That's a very real kind of artistic integrity, I think.  You have
to respect the man for his continuing to laugh in the face of
commercialism.  Seeing him again and listening to him, thinking of the
potential set list - My god, he could go on for hours and hours - DAYS -
and never sing a song that is not an absolute, unimpeachable CLASSIC - who
else (but perhaps the Beatles) could say that? Seeing him makes one
appreciate him  for what he really is, among other things - One of the most
influential Americans living - possibly THE most influential.  .
Kenny Davis

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