Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 01/26/99


January 26, 1999

Everblades Arena

Thanks to Ray McLaughlin for the following review:

Bob and band played to a 80% capacity crowd last night at the Everblades Arena;
a small, but comfortable, indoor hockey arena which hold maybe 12,000? Anyway,
this was the night of the setlist! In a way, the set was similar to NYC 11/1
show with a few extra delights. Serve Somebody opened. Bob played a very even
guitar on Serve Somebody; excellent performance here. I'll Remember You
followed--one of my personal favorites--good performance but I have seen
better. Memphis Blues came soon after (order of the tunes may be a bit off),
followed by Blind Willie McTell! Absolutely fantastic performance here.
Inspiring! River Flow comes next; so so performance, a little too fast for me. 

The acoutic set opened with Jimmie Rogers' Blue Eyed Jane. Most of you will
know this from Bob's Jimmie Rodgers Tribute CD put out last year or so. Great
performance--what a treat! Tambourine, another blazing Tangled, Blowin in Wind
and a great One Too Many Mornings rounded out the acoutic set. The setlist had
Cocaine, Stone Walls, Not Supposed(?), Rock of Ages noted. 

The final run included Hwy 61, Can't Wait (great high octane, funkin' version)
and Pillbox Hat (someone in the front was wearing a Leopard Skin Pillbox hat
and threw it on the stage while Bob was singing; another took off her bra and
threw that up on stage just after the Pillbox Hat. Bob raised an eyebrow or two
at that one as Tony Garnier grinned from ear to ear clearly thrilled by the bra

Encores included Lovesick, Forever Young and Not FadeAway!! What?? Not Fade
Away!!?? It appeared to me that Tony and Larry were pleasantly suprised that
Bob did this tune. The crowd was thrilled as well.

We saw the harmonica on Tangled Up. The tunes on the setlist not played: Simple
Twist, Tough Mama, Long Black Coat, Times, and You're Too Late(?).

Can't wait for Thursday night in Lauderdale!

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