Springfield, Massachusetts
Symphony Hall

November 12, 2023

[Barry Gloffke]. [David Ahlfeld]

Review by Barry Gloffke

Once again, I'm writing this review on Monday after a riveting weekend of 
following Bob and the Boys around New England. Providence, RI, then 
Waterbury, CT, and lastly, Springfield, MA.
The Springfield Symphony Hall was nice, but a step down in architectural 
brilliance compared to Providence, RI and Waterbury, CT. It was an oddly 
configured venue where the balcony seats did not face the stage, but sat 
at a 90 degree angle to the stage... I bet that led to some neck aches 
today. It was also a very wide but shallow arena... I was in the fourth row 
on the right side and it felt like I was half a football field away from Bob.
Bob came on after a lengthy intro by the Band and immediately went to 
work on the piano delivering a brilliant intro to WATCHING THE RIVER FLOW, 
which he then proceeded to knock out of the park. A great start to a truly 
great concert. Only one or two minor flubs that I picked up on tonight, but 
overall another sensational event. At the show's conclusion I was on an 
absolute high. I was mesmerized during many songs this evening... lost in 
the beauty of sound emanating from the Band and Bob. The new melodic 
arrangements are either dream/trance like or barn burners. Bob was riveting 
on the piano as he painted masterpiece after masterpiece built with soft 
musical flourishes and backed by the muscular framework of JP Pentecost's 
drums and Tony's bass. Simply astounding!
The only bummer once again was no cover tonight and no harp either! Oh 
==well, such is life, such is happiness.
Bob was in a fun mood during Band intros... to paraphrase... he said, 'These 
songs are not easy to play but these guys do a great job. What do you 
think?"... to which we erupted into an applause of approval. Love it!
So many happy faces tonight. Saw Sue and Chelsea from Canada, Bob Evans, 
Rich, Amy? and CC, Scott and too many other to mention here.
On a side note, on the way home to NYC driving along I-95 I passed Bob's 
equipment truck and then his tours buses just before I exited onto the 
Hutchison River Parkway. The buses continued on the thruway making their 
way to Brooklyn for the next show. Both Bob and I get one day off before 
we meet again in Brooklyn on Tuesday night. As they say, Don't you miss it!


Review by David Ahlfeld

Bob had a fine night in Springfield.  The crowd was attentive to his every
move and expressed its love for him with several standing ovations, plenty
of shouts and hollers, along with careful listening during the tender
songs.  His own attention to his music and his continuing curiosity and
innovation were evident.  We have seen him about 25 times over the last 30
years and have watched his changes in choice of instruments and the change
in focus and energy he brings to each show.  For those of us aging along
with Bob it is with great gratitude that we see that he is still with us
and still willing to put it out for us, giving all that his got, while
following his muse in the moment.

David Ahlfeld


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