Milan, Italy

Teatro degli Arcimboldi

November 4, 2013

[Paolo Vites], [Shmuel Berger]

Review by Paolo Vites

just a quick note about the 3 Dylan concerts in Milan. He was in a
fantastic form, especially on night 2 and 3. The arrangements were
gorgeous, the best since ages, sophisticated, romantic, every note was in
the right place and everything was suggesting moments you probable heard
during the 1978 tour or in the 1987 fall tour with the Heartbreakers. Bob
Dylan piano was great, especially in songs like Tangled up in Blue or
Watchtower. The best moments were the Tempest songs, of course Long and
Wasted Years is now the live masterpiece, a great white wonder powerful
like a nuclear bomb. Also, the three surprises for the Milan audience were
simply stunning, sung like we didnt hear in more than ten years or even
better than that: Desolation Row, Visions of Johanna and Hard Rain. This
is Dylan best tour since the glorious 2000 days. Oh and Charlie Sexton is
God. The moral? When is autumn Dylan's tour are always great, especially
when he don't have any hat on his head...


Review by Shmuel Berger

My brother and I came from different continents to convene in Europe for
three concerts in Milan, Italy. While delighted by the set lists thus far
in Europe, we couldn't help me somewhat disheartened that we were likely
to see three concerts with the same set lists in Milan, as Bob had stuck
to the same set list the previous dozen or more shows prior to Milan.

(Sixteen songs had been performed every night before the November 2nd ,
3rd and 4th shows at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan, Italy. The set
list since October 16 in Copenhagen has been (*Played at the first 15
 * 1. Things Have Changed *
 * 2. She Belongs To Me *
 * 3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' *
 * 4. What Good Am I? *
 * 5. Pay In Blood *
 * 6. Waiting For You (13)
 * 7. Duquesne Whistle *
 * 8. Tangled Up In Blue *
 * 9. Love Sick (9)
 * - (Intermission)
 * 10. High Water (For Charley Patton) *
 * 11. Simple Twist Of Fate *
 * 12. Early Roman Kings *
 * 13. Forgetful Heart *
 * 14. Spirit On The Water *
 * 15. Scarlet Town *
 * 16. Soon After Midnight *
 * 17. Long And Wasted Years *
 * - (Encore)
 * 18. All Along The Watchtower *
 * 19. Blowin' In The Wind *
Other songs performed so far have been:
 * Summer Days (3)
 * It's Alright Ma (Iím Only Bleeding) (2)
 * Blind Willie McTell
 * Thunder On The Mountain)
So, the historic moment of the first night in Milan was "Desolation Row".
That in itself was worth flying in from another continent to see the
show.And this was followed by "Visions of Johanna" the second night and "A
Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" the third night. Three nights, three different
set lists. That must be what it's all about. (There's not a Bobcat out
there that doesn't know what I'm talking about).

Shmuel Berger
Tel Aviv


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