Milan, Italy

Teatro degli Arcimboldi

November 3, 2013

[Joachim Stewart Neumann], [Jos Sarens]

Review by Joachim Stewart Neumann

As always, it doesn´t make sense to argue about setlist changes if you
were not there. Lots of people do because of Early Roman Kings was
replaced in Milano twice. Of course ERK is definitely great in the
live-show, but Desolation Row and Visions were both incredible. Last
nights show was top notch, everything was close to perfection: Bob´s
singing and phrasing, the band so tight, Charlie lots of space for
fantastic solos, Donnie´s playing clear and smooth, Stu was driving the
band, Tony especially on stand-up bass with "jazzy" slamming and George
seems to be the heartbeat more then ever! And the acoustic of the 
venue is flashing, the mix was perfect, each instrument cleary audible. The
audience really "in the perfomance" with applause within some songs when
the performance was on highest level. What can I say: one of the best
shows I saw from Bob and his band in the last 15 years! Don´t you dare
miss Milano night three!

Cheers, and thanks so much for keeping everything going.

Joachim Stewart Neumann


Review by Jos Sarens

Walter, Mark and me, Jos from dendermonde have been in town since early 
this morning.Nothing to see or hear about a Dylan concert as usal but we 
were sure that was gonna change later that night. We didn't have tickets 
but knew that wouldn't be a big problem although Sold out. Pretty quiet 
until close to concerttime. We recognized some friends from all over Europe, 
made some new ones and hat a chat with the 2 girls that are making a 
documentary about the dylan fans.

We did manage to get balcony seats in this lovely theatre. All seated, many 
young and female spectators and above all after Marc (80 concerts) and 
our previous concerts (some 30?) the best acoustics we've heard, very 
good sound. 

Lovely intro and a very good, clean performance. For me Love Sick, Tangled 
up /Visions and later Long and Wasted Years as to be remembered. A pitty is 
the dark stage so we didn't see him smile nor making his moves.

The crowd was very good; silent, listening and clapping politely after a good 
solo -  just like his music nowaday's; jazz/blues/swing, it was that kind of 
crowd The afterparty in the pub outside was short but good enough so 
they remembered us the next evening.

Thus; Monday.

All day we've been talking in Dylan quotes. Did we get to grow so old to do
this! We went a little earlier to the theatre to meet up with the real fans 

The 'buzz' was stronger, more real and older fans. Now we had front row 
seats and the places around us were filled with the (getting older and 
uglier! Quote) passionates. Other way of seeing the concert but as solid as 
yesterday. Love Sick, Forgetful Heart, Hard Rain this time as new song and a 
longer Blowin'. He clearly enjoyed his stay in Milan and reacted whit his new 
pose/ legs spread wide open, hands in his side and looking like a late roman 
king into the crowd.

Every concert is different and it will always be, good or bad, hard or jazzy,
guitars or piano, he keeps on surprising us. 
See you guys in Brussels and Paris and…………


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