Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

November 2, 2015

[Peter van Emden], [John Spoor], [So I Ran]

Review by Peter van Emden

Bob is a mystery

Do not try to solve or analyze this, let it be and just listen and 
feel what you hear.
Bob is changing, changing like a cameleon, leaving his history behind and
looking forward. Like his first song of the set list says: Things Have
Changed, which has been performed with power. The times
they-are-a-changin' has never been away. Bob is singing again very good,
he is moving and walking relaxed over the set and he sings directed to the
audience. Bob sings also "romantic" Sinatra songs who could expect this?
Things Have Changed! He takes his harp and plays easy and impressing or
moves to the piano, moves on the rithm, like dancing, he is dynamic, like
life is. And his band is amazing. Sometimes with mystic sounds. The bass
guitarist was perfect and nice to see playing on electric and acoustic
basses. Also the other guitarists and drums were also super class. The
violin during the (encore)-song Blowin' in the Wind was exciting, so

Overall impression: a well oiled "machine", high quality music, almost
perfect! Nice performance with a very good light show, a nice atmosphere
and presentation! I wonder what will be the sound if one of the excellent
guitarists would take an acoustic guitar e.g. during the final song Love
Sick? The set list is not changing since a long time, maybe some old fans
wished some more older songs but Bob is moving forward......can you follow

Thank you Bob, really enjoyed this concert (my 5th in the Netherlands)
Please go on with your never ending tour, and let us enjoy the mystery.
See you later again!

Peter van Emden
(a by Bob Dylan inspired Dutch troubadour)


Review by John Spoor

Eindhoven…. last night:  Indeed, the setlist was not a surprise. Who did
expect that anyway? But the singing and the presentation of Bob and the
professional musicality of the band in very close harmony with Bob was a
overwhelming surprise. The venue enjoyed and were grateful to Bob. Joyfull
and Emotionally! Highlights? Who is talking about highlights? I consider
the concert as one big party and not just the concert but also the journey
to Eindhoven and afterwards  while enjoying a beer and have a talk with
others. Great, thank you so much Bob! I am looking forward to see you in

John Spoor
(thanks to Gert Aanen for the translation)


Review by So I Ran

We opt for a Nasi Goreng feed before heading for the Eindhoven venue –
nice digs & a proper music hall. It’s the second bob day of the month
for the Laminated Bob Tour with the first show in Brussels nothing short
of spectacular. 

With bob & the band at the top of their game, we were strolling the
pleasant centrum surrounds mid-afternoon when the 2 black buses glided
past. Saw a few of the boys alight the lead bus & head for the ‘artist
entrance’ with Stu even acknowledging my “Knock ‘em out tonight

At this point, the supemely self-important roadie-type-logistics-manager
started browbeating the few curious locals present (less than a dozen).
This blow-hard septic tank gives all 11 of us a speech, “Ok, everybody
move back, we’re going to work here & don’t want to be disturbed.” A
bemused local politely answered back, “Please sir, you are a guest here
in our country…” 

So bob, have a quiet word to this dickhead roadie to improve his manners.

The show itself was a clone of brussels except for bob’s get-up.
Sartorially-speaking, tonight bob was in his GUINNESS outfit (black suit
with white trim & white hat on top).

She belongs to me worth the admission alone. Bob warbled the frank songs
with obvious relish. Standouts for me were Tangled, Blowing & Dusquesne

With Rouen ruined, next stop Amsterdam…Can’t wait. 

So I Ran


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