Milan, Italy

Teatro degli Arcimboldi

November 2, 2013

[Alberto Cuccu], [Louis Rap]

Review by Alberto Cuccu

It was 8pm when me and my brother arrive at Teatro Arcimboldi.
Before to enter we have a look at the backyard of the theatre to check
were are bob's cars and buses parked

Bob is of course already in but is body guard Baron is out checking and
ready to stop any attempt to get closer to back door ....

We decide to enter, Arcimboldi is full of long time Bob Dylan fans, from
all over Europe. At 21.01 the show starts.

Things have changed sounds fine, Bob still warming up is voice, Stu doing
a great job when opening the song.

She belongs to me is my first highlight of the evening sounding great Bob
already warmed and great singing.

Second highlight what good am I delivered tenderly and sung soft and sweet

Tangled up in blue starts with Stu on fire and Bob takes it and deliver
each word with power. best version in the last decade I heard for me

Love sick rocks remember me the version at Grammy awards but Bob plays
wonderful armonica instead of guitar.

Then then fifteen minutes break with Bob promising to come back soon on
the microphone....

He comes back sounding and singing even better than before delivers high
water and simple twist as two gemstones one after the other. Great

Then when I am ready for Early roman kings (not my favorite song) hi hear
the accords of Desolation row from Bob. The band members start to look
each other and look even more surprised than me.

Stu start with the guitar and the other follow. Bob delivers the best live
version I have ever heard ( out of more than 20 since my first concert in
1989)  and with a voice and intension that is new to me.

All the rest of the concert sounds perfect.

Guys Bob has a great voice today best since 2001-2002 for me. Love to sing
you feel he wants to. Deliver it as bet as he can, like never before.

He is not talking not even presenting the band but he is there to give it all.

Thanks Bob I will be back on Monday!!


Review by Louis Rap

Only few words about the first of the three concerts in Milan.
Bob is in very good form these days, but I must tell the truth: I've seen
him in Berlin last week (24/10) and that concert was absolutely

Every song sung with intensity, you could understand every word. A lot of
great moments. Some sublime!

The first concert in Milan wasn't so intense:  quite boring in the first
set (except for SBTM, PIB and LS, this one near to perfectIon). Good
reaction in the second part, with the "variation" of DR (good but nothing
else), and the highlights of FH, ST and LAWY (when you hear this one you
finally know why are you still going to see Bob, absolutely FANTASTIC !!!)

Just to close: Go to see him, this is the right time.
And Bob looks so fine,..

PS Low lights on the stage, yellow lights but there is some kind of
intimacy, it's fashinating and I like it so much. 

Louis Rap


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