Glasgow, Scotland
SEC Armadillo

October 31, 2022

[John Hayes], [Laurette Maillet], [MichaŽl Moors]

Review by John Hayes

So when the word got out that tickets were available on the European tour
this year it sparked the...I suppose I better go since he may never be
back again...response from various friends etc. But we have been saying
that long before this century even started. If he comes back we will be
there again

Other friends, George and Anne, who couldn't get tickets for this, went to
Cardiff instead to see him instead, and told us how much they enjoyed it.
Anne was convinced that he was singing directly to her, but that was
probably caused by the number of pre show gins she had. She also said he
is a wee old man now, but no hat and plenty of hair. This will save her
reviewing the Cardiff show now So we, myself,  my son Robert (Bob), 3
other friends Handy Dandy Andy from Glasgow, and  Doug the Plug and
Stewart Pithrie ( Boys from the North Country), all met in the Ben Nevis
bar near the venue for a few beers and to shoot the shit about the shows
from way back then on to the venue afterwards Being in the cheap seats
meant that Robert and I heard but didn't really see much of him during the
show. The other rich guys had a better view The setlist was as all others
apart from Nottingham, absolutely predictable, but that wasn't an issue.
Overall I enjoyed the show. Most of the Rough and Rowdy ways stuff was
very well played. I Contain Multitudes and Key West being my personal
favorites. My only disappointment was that i felt that all songs were
played at the same pace. Jimmy Reed should have rocked more etc, but
that's the way it is. Most likely he goes his way and you can like it or
lump it. Every Grain of sand is far from my favourite, but as the final
song with some was a good way to finish

A few more beers afterwards and then it was time to hit Highway61 till he
comes back again unless the pumps no longer work because the vandals took
the handles

John Hayes 


Review by Laurette Maillet

Glasgow II.
Seems to be Halloween everywhere. People are wearing masks. 
I still need to recover so decide to thing!
Better than bad thing :)
I just go to print some of my paintings but the kid at the reception is not 
too friendly.
Glasgow has no sun out, and no sun in the people's heart :(
Definitively not the place where I want to build my tiny house!
By 6pm I am back at the SEC. No wrestling tonight. The only patrons around 
are the Bob Dylan fans.
I'm confronting with a nasty old grumpy security Lady. She says it's not polite 
to put on my sign "I need a ticket".
Maybe it's not polite to tell people you don't know what to do with their life :)
Then a nasty old grumpy Man says he has an extra ticket. "How much do you 
want to pay?".
I say 10£. 
And he starts laughing like a maniac!
What's so funny??? 
10 minutes later he is back with his mobile opens. He wants me to tell his friend
I want a Bob Dylan show ticket for 10£. :(
The nasty old grumpy security Lady is back and says "And do you imagine there 
is another one who wants a FREE ticket? FREE????".
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Some folks never got out of their "box" for 80 years!
On the top of it, tonight some "Bobcats" decided to scalp their tickets. 
Everyone's trying to make some kind of business ??
I just want to be in.
I expect some "expats"(out of Scotland ??) or some 'fans' of mine, some 
good Samaritans...
Was not even stalking the bus. At least not today :)
A line starts forming and a young Lady comes to me. "You need a ticket?". 
As she was already getting in, I suppose she didn't try/want to sell.
So I show my prints and she is impressed. I join her with two other boys 
and they each choose a print.
They're happy! I'm happy too!
The security is crappy ; they body scan  with a hand scanner but hardly open 
the bags.
What a circus!
I am sited with one of the boys on the first circle. One level lower than yesterday. 
That didn't change much but we have a good view on the stage.
At this moment I wish I could meet that nasty old grumpy Man and show him 
my...FREE ticket!
Ah ah ah!

Right at 8pm.
The Band and Bob move in the dark.
Total dark for the intro of "Watching the river flow".
Total dark for the intro of "Most likely you go your way and I'll go mine". 
The two small lights on the piano are off. 
The floor lights are off. When Bob starts singing they turn the floor lights on.
On and off. On and off.
The curtains in the back are orange, so is the back of the piano.
Truly feels like inside a Halloween surrealist painting.
Bob insists for his mic or his piano to be loud, moving his left hand up up up, 
towards the sound tech on the side.
And tonight it seems right. 
The songs are close to perfection until
"Serve somebody".
I don't like the new version tonight :(
If they want a life album of that Tour...could be the one.
But Bobby is stuck to his piano. Not moving once.
The piano fits the Band. The Band fits the piano.
Bob says :
"We know it's Halloween - All Saint's Day - and I'm Scared.".
Technically a great performance.
Emotional on most of the songs. More soft than angry.
My highlight "When I paint my masterpiece".
Raggedy raggedy rag!
Glad I was here tonight.
Truly felt like inside a 3D surrealist halloween painting with great back sound.
The audience???
Who cares? I didn't tonight ??????
NO thanks to the scalpers!
Thank you those 3 youngsters with a sense of humanity.
Thank you the kind Artist gentleman who bought me a print outside. 
Email me , please!
Thank you the old Lady and his son (who managed to get a ticket) and 
like my painting.
Thank you Bobby and the Band.
That was a special show. 
Happy Halloween ??
I ain't scared!
No ghost will haunt me.
Ain't done anything wrong!


Review by MichaŽl Moors

What a joy it is having Bob back in Europe for the first time in over three 
years! Sure, he has been with us all that time through an outstanding new 
album and a wonderful art film, but there is nothing like seeing him live in 
show and concert, we all know that.

60 years into his career, Mr. Zimmerman still doesn't look back. He continues 
to surprise as only he can. Which artist dares to play almost all of the songs 
of his new album, alternating them with only lesser-known, often completely 
reworked old ones?

Dylan is in excellent voice, his singing is amazing and he plays the piano like 
no one else. All of the band members are incredible, restrained and 
extremely focused on what Dylan is creating, carefully adding touches on 
the master's painting.

"Things aren't what they were", says the concert poster, and that's for 
sure. The show is a hauntingly beautiful journey to unknown places in 
Dylan's musical universe. Yet the last song of the night, a wonderful Every 
Grain of Sand, brings it all back home. What a lovely rendition this is! Dylan's 
singing is heartfelt, and his seemingly simple piano playing  contemplative, 
serving the performance in a particular way, especially on this night in 
Glasgow. A few weeks ago in Krefeld, his performance of the song was 
absolutely magnificent, putting so much care in the singing. Though I had 
a ticket, I failed to attend this show, but I heard a recording. If you get 
the chance, just listen tot he way he sings "newborn seed", and then hits 
the piano. And then "The sun beat down upon the steps of time to light 
the way/To ease the pain of idleness and the memory of decay". For this 
alone, I would have bought a ticket. This is art that is created (or should we 
say born) on the spot, something which could not have happened the day 
before or the day after. Dylan himself doesn't seem to have full control of 
the moment it happens, but he is capable of it when it happens. I guess 
you could call that genius. And then Dylan's delightful, trademark harmonica 
solo at the end of the song seals the whole night.

My Bob tour has come to a close, and it has all gone by too fast once more. 
But the Glasgow piano and the Krefeld vocals live on, mingled in my mindÖ

Thanks again Bob, and come back soon!

MichaŽl Moors


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