Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Heineken Music Hall

October 31, 2013

[Alice Veenendaal], [Gordon Young]

Review by Alice Veenendaal

My brother, my brother-in-law and me, who all of us celebrated our
fiftiest anniversary quite some years ago,  bought the tickets last
summer. In front of the Heineken Music Hall we met my eldest son and his
girlfriend. They are both in their thirties and surprised us and
themselves by attending the Bob Dylan concert. There were still tickets
left, so we all went in.
We  waited for the show to begin. Drinking beer and all of us getting a
bit excited. We stood quite near the stage so I was able to look over
the shoulders of the very tall guys, some of them even wearing a hat
(why?) standing in front of me. Now and then we could see the guys on
stage too. Fortunately Bob Dylan didn’t hide his face under a hat, as he
usual does, so we could see that he himself enjoyed the music too.
It was a beautiful concert. The lyrics well pronounced and well audible
and  recognizable, except the song ‘Waiting for you’, which is unknown
to me. We all know that Bob Dylan doesn't sound like he did 50 years ago
but that is true for all of us. Because he changed all the songs a
little bit and his voice sounded ‘grown-up’ I’ve got the feeling to have
attended a unique concert.
I still wonder why he doesn't play at the Concertgebouw. There the
acoustics are known worldwide to be the best there are, and we would be
able to hear all the tunes and songs perfectly, and we could listen to
the concert sitting down. After all, we are getting older too! 

Alice Veenendaal


Review by Gordon Young

Over 3 weeks have passed since the show and I´m still buzzing from what I
saw. Bob sang really well and clearly, best for years, I was near the
front and the accoustics there were perfect. He played piano which I had
never seen, his harmonica playing was powerful which it hasn´t always been
recently, the set list was excellent and he played Forgetful Heart. For me
this is the best song that you can hear him sing live with this voice. I
was excited in the build up to the show as I knew I would be hearing it
and it didn´t disappoint. The hairs on my arms and neck stood on end. The
rest of the show was very good indeed with an impressive Love Sick but
nothing weak and then blow me down he took my feet away from under me with
Long and Wasted Years. It was definitely the best thing I´ve seen him do
live. It´s almost imposible to put down on paper why apart from it being
hilarious. Sorry but I can´t explain. I hope you will be lucky enough to
see him this tour.

Gordon Young


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